Meet the team

Muddy Duck

Some say he is yellow, some say he has no feathers and some even say he is not a real duck. But what we do know about Muddy Duck is that he travels the country attending Obstacle course racers and then disappearing into the mist. Muddy duck found the facebook group UK.OCR to go with this website, it is the largest OCR facebook group in the UK, He is also very enthusiastic about driving OCR forward, when he sees something can be done bigger and better and it is beneficial to the runners, then he usually goes ahead and drives the idea forward. He sources discount codes, he sources specific duck waves, he even arranged for 300 Spartans to attend the beast in 2015, He even puts on his own race “Dash of the Titan” If your at a race, and you can find him maybe you can get a selfie with the duck!

Alan Moore
Marketing Director

Editor, marketing director and the man who keeps the duck in his place. Alan consults on over 5 events in the UK from course design, obstacle build, H&S, Social media and marketing, Email Alan at admin@ukocr if you wish to discuss becoming one of our partners.

Alexander Hamilton
IT Director

With over 10 year experience in Web, Desktop & Mobile application development, his vision is to bring OCR into the 21st century.