Open letter to the OCRWC team

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  • 03 Dec 2017
  • Alan Moore

Open letter to the OCRWC team

Dear OCRWC team

It is great that you have chosen to have the Obstacle Course racing world championships in the UK in 2018
Especially at a time when we see OCR in the UK going through its toughest phase to date, Events are cancelling and some are even closing shop.
Much has been written over this subject in the last 6 months, some moans, some gripes and some constructive criticism, but the message in all those writings is the same, that they want OCR in the UK to continue

This is where OCRWC can help OCR in the UK whilst helping yourself.

Several Obstacle course racing events are moving away from the Race aspect and more into the Fun element.
Why? Because that is where the bread and butter is for events to be viable, The likes of Tough Mudder, Toughest and Spartan with their huge budgets and Prize money are now attracting more and more competitive runners to their Ranks and away from the smaller events
These competitive racers used to go to the Smaller events and race as fast as they can against each other, boosting an events attendance and then talking about is afterwards, boosting it for future events
These competitive runners have now moved into other running disciplines in between the BIG OCR’s because the smaller more affordable events are no longer as competitive its a catch 22 situation, why would an event put on a competitive wave if racers don’t turn up to race, why would racers turn up there is nothing to race for, why would an event spend thousands on a competitive wave if they cant recoup it, Why would a racer go to race with nothing on offer compared to one that had prizes/ prize funds and on and on it goes in a downward spiral

Some of these racers are also great club runners that only did one or 2 OCR’s a year, and some don’t know about the great big OCR world out there but they often win the ones they entered,
Multiple Total warrior winner Chris Lightburn,
Alex Money a regular winner at races several years ago,
Then there are the elite race teams that have gone, RPCC elite, team Inov8 both pioneers but there runners have moved on, OCR in the country needs new racers, and also to bring these racers back into our fold as racers are the vocal ones that can spread the word of OCR, and having the OCRWC in the UK in 2018 is a great opportunity to attract these top club racers
(but you already know this)

So how can OCRWC help competitive OCR in the UK
Simple make every event in the UK that holds a competitive wave a qualifier ( if they want too)
“Not a chance” I hear you say, “we cant control it!, It will be more Logistics!, we will lose revenue! we will water down the competition!”
But first hear me out

You wont lose control
Im not saying make every race a full on qualifier, you can still have your main qualifiers like Nuts, Mud Monsters etc.. where there are age, top 10 or any other criteria you put on it

I’m saying any event that puts on a competitive wave becomes a limited qualifier for the OCRWC, which means that only the first 3 men and first 3 women I the event qualify.
Nothing to do with Age, just first 3 as adjudicated by the event that puts the race on
Thats logistics sorted too as an event would just email you their results with the email address of the winners

It may mean that small events may think twice about stopping doing competitive waves, 

It may mean that events that don’t usually put competitive waves on may start

It may mean that club runners could be tempted to events 

It may mean that OCR attracts more great athletes

It may see events continue / grow

It would mean that the OCRWC will attract more of the UK’s top athletes - resulting in more competitive waves
It would mean that more people qualify - increased revenue for the OCRWC
It would mean that OCRWC got kudos from runners for such an initiative

This would mean that every one is a winner, Runners,  OCR in the UK and especially OCRWC

You have it in your hands to potentially change the direction of competitive obstacle course racing in the UK by one simple act 

Alan - Aka Muddy Duck
Editor of UKOCR

Alan Moore

Alan Moore