Muscle Acre - Feb 2018

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  • 22 Feb 2018
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One of UKOCR favourite obstacle course races from down south went off last week

Heres what member's of out group thought of it

Mark Larkworthy Yet again the Acre pulls out all the stops to make a great day even better.
From event village to the Muddy Highlander MCing this really is an under rated event. Each race the obstacles get tweaked or a new one appears. Starts off with fairly clear run
ning but don't be to complacent. As that 8km sign appears and the thoughts of 'just 2k to go' tease you the real boggy part starts.
This is now my 3rd run out at MA and won't be my last. The marshals are epic, water stations at cross overs meaning more chance to hydrate and an OCR Community League race.
Great comeback for me after a month off through injury.

Carol White Well what do you say about Muscle Acre but ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AGAIN .The COURSE set really well out almost impossible to get lost .OBSTACLES brilliant build quality achievable by all .REGISTRATION smooth and seamless .VILLAGE vibrant and exciting friendly plenty of regular runners catching up . RD AND RACE CREW helpful welcoming friendly and encouraging and very well organised.MINI MUSCLE ACRE for the kids great run on the adult course finishing on the water slide then over the finish to collect the same medal as the adults.
CATERING possible the best burgers and bacon rolls and coffee on the circuit. MARSHALS professional polite knowledgeable of the obstacles and part of course the were assigned encouraging and happy and smiling .DEFO a race for everyone's face calender .Kev and Andrew also have some more plans for the course including some more TECHNICAL obstacles to please the runners that love their RIGS .WARM UP fun and entertaining .M C the MUDDY HIGHLANDER how can u go wrong .so let's get booking for January guys good luck and will c u there

Diana Jones I just love Muscle Acre as it is so friendly, well organised, fun and challenging whatever your ability and level of fitness. Our daughter has done every mini muscle maker and will keep on doing them as they are great events for a brilliant price. The tshirt this time was the most epic colour and will be used time and time again for all my winter runs and the medal, with its white ribbon, will forever hold the mud of the day! Will do every single one of these on top of our whole family running and marshalling. Great day and huge congratulations to Kev lomas and the brilliant team!

Gemma Avery I love muscle acre and it was my first ocr. Having fallen slightly out of love with racing and let's just say feeling under the weather. I only did 5k. Well my ocr spark has been reunited. From the village, to the warm up, the marshals and the course itself including those hills! It's a giver for everyone and well worth a listing in your event calendar.

Gareth Warne Attended my 6th Muscle Acre yesterday and it definitely won't be my last. I thought the whole event was fantastic, from the registration process to the course, obstacles and the marshals. Overall I think this was the best MA so far. I love how they manage to alter the course and keep it varied each time Really liked the Tri-event hoodie too! The addition of the 20km was fantastic and really well managed in terms on dealing with the lapping situation. I can't recommend Muscle Acre enough. If you want to come along in January (and you should) let me know and I'll sort you out with a 15% discount code too 

Josefine Austin 6th muscle acre for me yesterday and it was great! Could have done with more water and mud but I guess the weather is to blame for that. The had removed the pond crossing though, which was a shame... Hoping they will offer the 20km race for January as I'd love to give that a go!

Karl Cowing Great event with great marshalls. Great balance of running and obstacles with a final section that pushes you as you think your closing in on the finish. I have run every single event and never get tired of the course which evolves every time to include more technical obstacles and or some more interesting turns of the course. Free t shirt . Free beer for finishers and free car parking are welcome as these don't seem to be the industry norm. Love to see muscle acre evolve further and I am sure it will to attract more people from seasoned pro's to complete beginners the course is a must for your 2017 calendar !

Callum Lundie Returned for my 4th Muscle Acre on Sunday and this time went for the 20k with a few other brave souls. 
Well I have raced about 50 OCRs in my time and I keep coming back to MA for more, MA is the first race on my calendar every time. It's nice a local
 for me but that's not why I keep coming back.

When I compare it to other races out there, MA just gets the little details right:
Free parking - check
Less than 100m to event village - check
Easy registration - check
Plenty of toilets - check
Chip timing - check
Free event photos - check
Free tech T - check
Great goodie bag - check
Free beer - check
Kids race - check
Amazing Marshals - check
Great course - check
clearly marked out course - check
Well balanced for newbies and experienced - check
Muddy Highlander MCing - check
Great food and drink post race - check
Race medal - check
Great price - check
5k, 10k (and this time around 20k) options - check

And then there are the extra things on top:
Kev seemingly managing to be everywhere on the course all the time encouraging all the runners. I don't know any other RDs that do that.
Tri event hoodie if you do all 3 races.
The 10k is not just 2 laps of the 5k either.
If you haven't tried Muscle Acre before, I thoroughly recommend giving it a go.

Sian Avenell 4th Muscle Acre for me. What an awesome race! It just gets better and better every time. November mud slog is my favourite as it has the perfect mix of mud and water without being too cold. The slide was a personal favourite and a great new addition that literally takes your breath away. Kev, Karen , Roydon and the team have really outdone themselves on this amazing course! I think they even managed to clone Kev, he seemed to be everywhere! What brilliant marshals too, every single one offering support and encouragement. Lovely bunch of people 😊Hoping to finally bag a tri hoodie next year. Thanks for a bloody good weekend 

Phil Wood 7th MA for me, though only 6th I've ran, having marshalled in July. 
Always love this event even when I think I've done it enough times I suddenly find renewed reason to go. With the rope climb and cargo net now, plus the cross over and mixing up the
 route a little it's been kept fresh. 
Definitely recommend to others and good to see the guys from Para-Fit there this weekend.
Well organised throughout and don't forget Karen and the team working behind the scenes to get it all working. 
Will be back next year!
Edit, only just opened my goody bag from yesterday having only just got home. That's getting better as well 😂

Tara Green Having marshalled at the last 5 MA I decided to take the plunge and ran the 5k with my teenaged son. We had a blast! We ran, jumped, crawled, clawed, slid and dragged ourselves around the course. It was a brilliant well balanced mix of agility, stamina and teamwork. Marshalls were amazing, friendly and encouraging. Event village was brilliantly run. Can't recommend this race enough. Always proud and happy to be a part of it. Thanks Kev, Andrew, Royden and Karen❤️
Love the reworked logo too

Just Seeing all these people who have attended multiple times just show why its one of UKOCR's favourites

Well done MuscleAcre

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