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  • 14 Mar 2018
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It's winter and events are cancelling left right and centre due to the weather but some events are made of tough stuff

Winter nuts, one of the toughest OCR events in the world, 

The weather played havoc the week before with the lake freezing over but nuts still went ahead for people who wanted to attend, with a few minor changes

Heres what members of our group thought of the event

Dave Murray Really good race. You think 7k on paper would be so easy but it’s just brutal out there. Fantastic use of the land and good obstacles. Good organisation as per usual. 
Temp was fine on the day, there was still thick ice all over the shop but it wasn’t 
too bad.
The highlight for me were the marshals. I honestly can’t remember a race where every single marshal was on their game, engaging and encouraging literally every runner. Hats off to everyone involved for a fantastic event 👊🏻💪🏻

Sandra Galdes-Giappone I decided to defer to summer nuts but seriously regret doing so now. Well done to all involved....see you in September!!

Richard Williams Excellent. Bring in summer nuts can’t wait

Richard Turner First time at Winter Nuts after doing 2 laps last Summer. Registration was simple and well organised. The course was pretty brutal but the marshalls were supportive throughout. I only made it as far as the rings on the second lap which I just couldn't pass and after standing still for too long, one of the marshalls asked if I was ok as I didn't look right. One more failure on the rings and I quit. The marshalls offered hot drinks and my friend and i made our way back taking someone else who had quit with us. 
They were suffering with the cold and another marshall gave them a dry robe and hat to keep them warm. We flagged down a land rover and got a lift back to the start line.
The way things were dealt with regarding the weather were so encouraging. The ease of transferring and being able to reverse it on the day was handled professionally. It was brutal out there and I was happy with my one lap despite signing
up for 3!
A great event, well organised and kept everyone safe. Thanks to the marshalls 

Adrian Cubbin Amazing day! My first time on the Nuts and will definitely be coming back for many more! One thing I did notice (or didn’t) was the amount of photographers! I only saw two the whole way around, both in the river!?!? Maybe they were hidden or I didn’t notice them but on the big obstacles such as the kamakazi or high nets I didn’t see any, which I thought would be ideal BUT I may have simply missed them? Amazing though!

Chris Hartley Fantastic event and thanks to all who organised

Christopher Males A massive congratulations to everyone that got on the start line yesterday and an even bigger congratulations to everyone that completed all the laps they were entered for! It was tough going yesterday and the Marshalls were all on top form which really helped 😁 
Unfortunately I had to pull out after 2 laps as I didn't have it in me yesterday and my legs and arms are feeling it today but see you all at Spartan next month!!

Gavin Ripton Marshalls made that race

Loo Blackman Cannot praise Nuts enough. Organisation, customer service and course all outstanding. They were brilliant and responded quickly to queries about camping and were so accommodating. The course lived up to the rumours.... brutal, they removed a few obstacles for safety reasons which I was gutted about, however this didn’t take away from the course, it had everything. The marshalls were unbelievable. I was broken after 4 laps but love team Nuts for the course they provided 

Ivan MK Ambrose My first attempt at NUTS. Went for 4 laps and missed the cut off for the 4th by 6 minutes but to be honest I was broken anyway.
I DNF'd but the event was so well organised, the course was so well planned out, the marshals were so awesome and the genera
l feel around the village was so infectious that it just doesn't matter.
I loved it. I loved how it sapped your strength lap after lap. I loved the pure slog of that 3rd lap....its just so awesome.
I can understand why you generally need to have done 1 or 2 laps before to be able to enter the 3 or 4 lapper.
Big well done to the nuts team and my most sincere sympathy to those that deferred and missed a cracking event.
Roll on next winter...unfinished business to put right 

Scott Brown I was a 4 lapper yesterday. Well impressed by how they conducted business for everyone. Like everyone else said too the marshals were awesome I could have sworn they were getting paid as they were first class and full of energy. Should be proud of themselves. Big shout to all the pit crew getting there guys in and out of cold wet kit you guys deserve some kudos too!!

Karl Burke Well done nuts for another fantastic event ! Great atmosphere on the course and fantastic marshals, thanks to the couple in the transition area who helped me change tops, aimed for 4 laps but did 3 But 1.5 hours knocked off last years 3 lap time, see you in the summer

Jackie Saull-Hunt Loved the course yesterday, had alot of fun out there, (it was a little cold) heated water in the ditches next time? 

Anita Jones I didnt run but was a spectator with four children in tow. I have been a supporter of my partner at many races, and benches at these events are so undervalued and overlooked. You had a tent full!!!! 21 week pregnant me thanks you as does my children. The fella says the course was good too, brutal but good 

Keith Lawrance PT This was my first experience of nuts. My plan was to marshal sat and run Sunday but thanks to the snow. I could only marshal on Sunday and boy did I enjoy it seeing so many friends and making new ones. I must Wayne really bows how to put on a tough course and looks after his marshals very well. He even walked around in the day to thanks ya all which is something I’ve never seen. I had a great zone leader(Shel Aitken) top class shel. Can’t wait to use my code for summer nuts. Thanks again for a great day

Joe Giddens The marshals excelled! Races can't go ahead without them and yesterday they really made the race! That course gets really lonely especially on lap 4 and 5 so to have marshals out there who are still enthusiastic and offering words of encouragement after over 8 hours stood in the cold makes a real difference!

Karinaandjolyon Vizcaya Took on 3 Laps with my partner in crime yesterday. Having not really trained at all since September due to life.... we did finish the three laps, all be it slowly due to my knee playing up on the last. It was brutal out there but the marshals were fantastic. Really supportive and friendly. I’ve never run a nuts before but I’ll definitely be back for more, after training properly. Walking is a real struggle today ... 😂. Thanks team nuts for the awesome course. You made the right call on closing the lake and slide x

Richard Watts Extrememly loved marshalling and looking after my marshals in the woodland section (Cargo net, Monty, Fort, Forest and mounds or fun). Epic runners out there too!

Sharon Thomas Thoroughly loved marshalling this weekend as an ex nutter. So when I was offered to go to the technical area and be tough, I had a wobble, BUT I got you amazing nutters before the two rigs ... phew!! You were ALL incredible and I did have a soft spot and a slight fill up for a few handing their bibs back after so many attempts, their sheer grit and determination was incredible...... see you next time 

Steven Blair Great event my 5th winter nuts always great marshals were excellent as always be back for number 6 next year

Roy Donovan First off, I gotta say; Marshalls. Just wow. Yesterday the marshalls were on point. Plenty of encouragement. Plenty of drinks and sweets....and some guy who had hot coffee on my 4th lap!!! You sir, are a hero😊.
But it was the marshalls in the transitio
n area and tents that really helped....after i finished 4 laps i was starting to shiver, couldnt find my family so couldnt get my dryrobe. This marshall gave me her coat....then phoned my wife, then swapped the coat for her dryrobe and let me have it until i was changed and sorted out. Whoever you were, you noticed i was in a bit of trouble and intervened. SO SO Grateful. 😗💓
The race was tough and cold, and I believe they made the right choice with removing some water obstacles. If im honest i wished they had put a forfeit in for some of the mandatory, especially since they had to close stairway, yes, i lost my bib which killed my spirit (for a short while)...
All said, i will always love Nuts Challenge. Very well organised, tons of support.
Will be back again next year!

Claire Rosser Loved marshalling this year, gutting to not be out on the course but got to do the next best thing! All due respect to Nuts who had to make some tough decisions in the lead up to the race and were as flexible for racers as they could possibly be. Cannot wait to be back in the race next year!

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