Ram run - April 2018

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  • 07 May 2018
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Ram run is an event that I have been too more time than any other, I love the obstacles they put together and tie that in with one of the top race directors in the UK you have a recipe for success

They call this the spring Ram but with the snow only just thawing on the ground and the water still below freezing it was anything but spring

Heres what members of our group thought of the day using our new marking system

1- Expectations Not Met
2- It is exactly as it says on the Tin
3- Better Than I Thought
4- Best OCR I have done

Nik SH First time running Ram on Saturday. 
The course was great, weather was very testing. The final water wade provides an impromptu sex change  😳❄️. The little yellow hurdles or, yellow bastards!, as I kindly nicknamed them by the end do tend to grow on ya 🤔. 
Loved the rig at the end too. Although my fingers had no feeling by then. 4* 

Nathan Hawkins A solid 3! First timer at Ram and didn’t really know what to expect but was met with a great course with some pretty demanding obstacles that I would have loved to have tackled in a healthier state than I am currently. The river wade was great and the water was at the height where you can’t get a run on but it’s still hard to drag your feet. Marshall’s and very encouraging and was great to see the RD out amongst the runners at the rigs spurring them on. Will definitely try to come back again!

Andrew Bartley Definitely a 3 for me. The course was great. Marshall’s unsurprisingly excellent. 

Nit picking - no bag drop or changing area and they ran out of envelopes for the key drop. Lack of bag drop meant my wallet was in my car which meant after changing the
re was no way I was walking back to buy a burger 😂. 
Medals - well yeah that was a minor inconvenience but I’ve had brilliant medals for poor courses. Give me a good course over a good medal any day.

Steve Salt A 3 for me. The course was great with some novel and unusual obstacles, the little yellow hurdles were a bit of a pain, as I had shin pain going into the run! Only managed the one lap though, I was so cold by the end there was no way I was going around again. A big shout out to all the marshals who stood in to cold for us. Not much food choice in the event village though.

Andrew Marchment 3, course and Marshals were great. Lake wade almost immediately before the arena rigs was a bastard. Fully chilled down before hitting them. As noted, event Village was sparse, but there was tea, so good enough. Toilets were a damn long way, so rather than final Pre race pee, we started, then stopped off after crossing the first field. 
All in though, only minor irritations, against a the important stuff being spot on. Will 100% race again (its warm in July right?)

Dave Haylett A solid 3* from me. Awesome course with good terrain use. Brutal rig at the end. Only minor niggles: took about 10 mins to queue for registration even though the two ladies were helpful and knew what they were doing. It wasn’t clear to me that to do 4 laps you HAD to come back on Sun, but that could be me being thick. Only managed the one anyway due to having a cold and everything everyone else has mentioned about the day lol. Will be back for sure!

Fiona Penfold 3 for me but the one thing I came away frustrated about was that my hands were so cold I couldn't do the rigs at the end after the lake. I do ocr purely for the challenging obstacles and I couldn't do hardly any at the end 😩 they looked amazing which made it all the more frustrating. The weather's not your fault however I could have done with the lake after the rigs not before!

Monique Sapla 4* Ram Run will always be one of my favourite races, and will keep coming back as long as they'll have me! Marshalls and RDs are ace, and it's one of the toughest (but also most fun) courses I've done. Cannot recommend enough, although don't underestimate the cold! 10/10 for the rigs at the end too!

Stuart 'Stav' Sinclair This was only the 2nd time I’d run RamRun... Both times have been with my 13year old daughter. The weather was a big factor this time looking now I really wish we’d chosen Sunday to run as my daughter really felt the cold on Saturday!! But we both enjoyed the course the rigs were awesome even if I couldn’t feel my fingers to grip most of it.. 🙄 
One of Marshals noticed my winter NUTS shirt and said to me this must be easy... I Ran 1 lap NUTS on Saturday 👌 then 1 lap on Sunday which was a lot tougher  😬 RamRun on the Saturday was as tough so great job... 👌👌👌 
Seeing The Sufferings old obstacles there made me think how the course can grow there is land there which could easily be used for more weekend events 5 - 7km / 10 - 14km and 10 - 12mile maybe more.... 
Definitely a 2
Heading towards a 3 
But could quite easily be a 4!!!

Editors Note

Looks like once again that Iain and the ram run team put another great event on

Lets hope that Ram run keeps on going and attracting great racers



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