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  • 08 Sep 2018
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Over the last week have found many posts on the UKOCR forum interesting but non more so than 2 that popped up regarding purchasing tickets from individuals because they cant make a race

To put some back ground into this the first post was from …………. Who purchased an Unknown ticket from an individual for £190 but it know appears that the unknown has been cancelled and all individuals refunded, but this is where the issue arises, the events company can only refund the card that was used to purchase the ticket meaning the original purchase gets the refund, and now that original person who purchased the ticket is no longer on social media and is ignoring …… regarding this

I cant put the post up as it was deleted by the poster (I can only assume that naming them got them to move their backside and do the decent thing)

The second one was where someone purchased Spartan tickets from an individual and paid them but for what ever reason the individual didn’t send the codes despite numerous requests by the purchaser- however a post in the group naming the seller soon resulted in codes being sent

Read the full thread here

So why did I find these more interesting than other threads

Well first when I started doing OCR back in the day when we only had 40 events a year this would never have happened, Men where men and Women where real women, you booked a race as early as possible and come hell or high water you went, broken leg – not a problem put a Calf Gaurd on it, snapped tendons – take an asprin, broken ribs -  isn’t that what compression tops are for,

But now the first sign of a sniffle and people jump on social media and try and sell their ticket, The best excuse I heard was, “I not trained in last 10 days so I don’t think I will be able to run the full 5km” – what? Are you serious? Some people don’t run for 6 months but give it a go, Take a MTFU pill

So what can you do to protect yourself if you are going to purchase a ticket from someone

Well heres my advice

1 - Contact the race to see if there are any hidden charges  (some booking companies charge the again )

2 - Is the seller someone who is actively involved in the community or do you know friends of theirs

3 - Always use PayPal and do it as a purchase not friends and Family - yes there is a fee but its peace of mind if it does go wrong its much easier to claim

4 - Take telephone numbers - facebook is great but do you know they are real people - just look at Muddy Duck - is he actually a Duck

5 - Be prepared to name individuals that don't go through with the deal as agreed - its the only way sometimes to get your ticket or money back 

6 - Instead of purchasing tickets last min book early, get the best price and even if you are not well enough to run contact the organisers at least 3 weeks before and talk to them, you will find most very reasonable and will defer tickets for you 

Have fun in the mud

Muddy Duck

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