Ocriocx Malmo

  • Product Review
  • 22 Mar 2019
  • Alan Moore

Ocriocx Malmo Review

This has took much longer writing because of my love for the Ocriocx Sparta - (read the review here)

I have struggled to take the Sparta off my feet but its because of the Sparta comfort that I decided to opt for the Malmo

The Malmo is a much more aggressive shoe, designed for those races where grip is essential, it is also a race shoe so light in weight and a narrower last than a lot of shoes

So how did it perform


I have yet to find a surface these do not grip on. The rubber just sticks to surfaces like a limpet to a ships hull, Mud, rocks, Steel, wood, dry or wet, they just seem to grip, this makes them really easy to run in as it means you are not worried of the surface, 

Score 9.5/10


Straight out of the box and a 18k run - That was a mistake

These shoes have a narrower last which means they grip the foot tighter and taking them straight from the box and running 18k in them is like thinking you can buy a Merchialago and think you can drive it like you do your ford focus, thats not going to happen you need to nurse you way into the Malmo, Short often runs is the key, 

After my schoolboy error I went back to them a week later and decided to take it slow and steady, with KT tape on my achilles I did a little 3k over a muddy trail ( but first getting my feet completely wet in a stream - I always find getting shoes wet helps them soften), getting back I checked my feet and no blisters, a little hot spot on my left little toe was the only negative

A few days later I decided to take them over peak district bogs - 3km up hill and 3km down hill

Again getting them wet in a stream first and KT tape on my achilles-no problems on the run and when I got back I had no hot spots - 

Over the next few weeks I did several 6-10k runs each time getting them wet first, 

Taking this steady and methodical approach as really worked - the upper seems to have softened and shoe fits snug without pinching or rubbing anywhere and I really like how they fit now

So if you are going get a pair - take it steady - wear them in - 

Score 8/10

Drainage - See video below

Being a shoe designed specifically for OCR and Swim run you would expect the drainage to be good, but in the Malmo its exceptional.

There are grooves in the midsole that dispel the water from the inside when you put your foot down, its like you are pumping the water out, 

The Upper is non absorbent material too so they do not hold any water

This means that within seconds of leaving any water your feet are as dry as can be and the shoes have not gained any weight 

Score 10/10


As I touched on earlier these grip your feet more than most shoes because of the narrower last and slightly higher heel

This makes them great for giving that extra support over uneven terrain, the flexibility of the shoe allows the shoe to roll with the terrain but because the upper is is fitted it means the foot doesn’t slip and slide and this allows the shoe to aid with supporting the foot as it rolls, and with the heel nice and snug the foot doesn’t slide forward or backwards either

Score 9.5/10


Not really run far enough or owned long enough to give them a score on this, however the sole seems to be still pretty intact after 108k in them and the upper seems to be proper robust, I have run through bracken and wooden trails runs and they have tackled all scrapes and scuffs with ease

My final thoughts and score

These shoes are not going to be for everyone - but for others they are going to be a revolution

You have to understand that these shoes are a race shoe and as such they are not designed for splashing about in the mud but for out and out speed, running from A - B as fastest as you can in shoes that handle everything you can through at them and all you have think about is putting one foot in front of the other as fast as you can - If only they did these in wider last they would suit everyone

Score 9/10

Are you interested in a pair then check them out at Fenland runner and lochland runner

Alan Moore

Alan Moore