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  • 30 Mar 2019
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Salomon - one of the original OCR shoe brands, 

The ones who remember the early times of OCR know you either ran in Inov8 or Salomon, but over recent years this has changed, we now have lots of other brands to choose from, Brands that make several shoes suitable for OCR, Brands that seem to fetch out a new model every 3 months and as runners we have been searching for that perfect shoe. Salomon on the other hand have remained from bringing out a new shoe every few months and have stuck to their tried and tested Speedcross design. all this means that we see less and less Salomon on the OCR scene, and while sat around with a few running buddies this subject cropped up, and as we chatted I went on line to see what Salomon where offering at present and found the Speedcross 5, It promised a whole revamp of the speedcross, yes it looks the same but it promised more, So Not having run in Salomon for 3 years I was interested to see if they had really changed, so I ordered a pair, Having run in them for the last month or so and done 2 OCR’s in them here is what  think 

Check this Video out to give you an idea of what they are promising


Have run through heavy mud, soft mud, Grass, wet trail, dry trail, shingle trails, ploughed fields, and I have even ran on roads, I have climbed wooden obstacles, steel obstacles and  fibreglass ones. The Grip has never let me down once, Having used Irock, Ocriocx Malmo, Salming Elements, lots of Inov8’s these are right up there with the best, They have not once let me down

SCORE 10/10


Salomon talk about these being their most comfortable Speedcross to date with a slightly wider Toe box than I have had in other speed cross. They hold the foot snug without being tight, there is cushioning on the tongue and heel cradle that really helps with the comfort, and I have to agree these are super comfortable. 

If you have never used Speedcross before you may think they look bulky but when you run in them they don’t feel bulky and realise they are not bulky to run in its just they look it

SCORE 10/10


I was sceptical in this area first as running shoes with cushioning around the heel and tongue tend to hold water more than others, But theses don’t  hold water at all, I went swimming in the local reservoir with them and when I got out after running less than 10m the water was out of them, they still felt light and held the foot in place

I ran at a local quarry too where the water is full of little bits of sand and although a little bit got in the shoes they didn’t let lots unlike other shoes I have tested, For me this means they may well be my choice of shoe for the Nuts Challenge where I always suffer with sand in my shoes

SCORE 9.5/10


This is where the Speedcross have made the biggest change for me, My Speedcross 4 I felt like my foot had too much movement and I was always straining against the movement but these are different - the anatomical support down the sides are welded to the upper so as you lace the shoe they pull the the sides in and hold the foot nice, and because they are welded to the Sole and swell it supports the foot stopping it from moving and sliding around, This means when you put your foot down on traverses it just stays where it should and helps you hold it flat on the ground rather than trying to force it off. Also having run on roads I really noticed the support it gave around the ankle and helped in my running motion

SCORE 9.5/10


160 miles under my belt in them and the sole doesn’t seem to have worn down at all, the midsole hasn’t started to crease, the upper still looks good, Like the welded bu,bumper o the toes and down the sides tooth protect the foot, My only gripe is I was doing a little running through some woods and the tongue has a mesh overlay, this got snagged on a branch and has a little pull on it, Im not sure why it has a mesh covering as it doesn’t do anything in my eyes, 

SCORE 9.5/10

MY Final thoughts and score

Salomon can make a comeback to the OCR scene with these shoes, they tick every box, 

They may not suite the Racer out there who tend to prefer a more precision fit, but these will suit the weekend warriors, the ones who like a wider toe area, the ones who need more support, the ones who need some decent cushioning and the runners that like to do longer events


If your interested in a pair heres the link to order 


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