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  • 15 Apr 2019
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I am a huge fan of VJ sports since  purchasing my 1st pair of Irocks and have been running in them for the past 2 years, So when they brought out the XTRM my excitement went into overload ,could this shoe be as amazing as the Irock.

The XTRM is the shoe that Jonathon Albon has had a huge input in and although not directly marketed at the OCR scene i believed they would be perfect.

So as soon as my local running shop had them in (Accelerate in Sheffield) I was there to get a pair.

I have now done well over 200 miles in my XTRM's running over multiple terrains and I have also done a few races too, so here are my thoughts.


The lugs on the XTRMs are slightly shorter then the Irocks but don’t let this fool you these shoes will plough through mud and dirt with ease,the rubber used on these is the same amazing compound  as the Irock and the grip does not fail to impress in any way gripping to anything that your feet touch, I have not run in anything with better grip than these. 

SCORE 10/10


Straight out of the box i ran a 20 mile run and they feel like i have had them on forever. The toe box is slightly wider than the Irocks so there is a little extra room on those longer runs, during this opening run I had no hot spots or blisters forming and this has continued as every time I have ran in them. Due to the rock plate in these the shoe is really forgiving on the feet over those long rocky sections that would normally batter your feet.

200 +miles in and their shape is still good and they are as comfy as when i first popped them on.

SCORE 10/10


The drainage is the only area i feel these can be improved on I'm not saying they are swimming pools on your feet but just drain slower then some over shoes I have tested.The good thing is they don’t let debris into the shoes. 

SCORE 8/10


As this shoe was originally designed for mountain running the support this shoe gives is amazing and with the addition of the rock plate you will feel like you can run over any uneven terrain with ease the shoe is not as flexible as the Irock but hold and flexes all all the right places.

SCORE 9.5/10


As i have said i have covered well over 200 miles in these and have taken them over and through nearly every type of terrain possible and the uppers and sole still look as good as when i first put them on i am really impressed with how tough these shoes really are and am looking forward to giving them as much hammer as possible to see what they can take.

SCORE 10/10

 MY Final thoughts and score

I have to say i didn’t think VJ sport could build other shoe that was as good as the Irock but they have proven me wrong these shoes are a must for any OCR race and are perfect for longer technical races they will be my shoe of choice for all my races.


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