Yorkshire warrior

  • Event Review
  • 30 Apr 2019
  • Alan Moore

Yorkshire warrior

Its been a few years since I visited Yorkshire warrior, but being a Yorkshireman I decided that I needed to go back in 2019

I have done Yorkshire warrior 3 times prior and although each time it had been at the same venue the event had evolved over the 3 years I did it,

Heres my review from 2014

It had grown, and it it still is growing, it now attracts what I would estimate over 5,000 runners but it still has its roots firmly on the ground and puts its runners first

This years Yorkshire warrior was in the grounds of Ripley Castle just outside Harrogate and what was a new venue for me, the sat nav brought me straight to the car park, we paid our fee and parked the Van, It was only a short stroll to the event village where we found registration, merchandise shop, 4 food vans and a Bar, there was also a stage with a live band, and one thing I liked most, around 10 obstacles all visible from the event village - this is the way forward I believe, make it interactive for the crowds of spectators

So far this was looking like a good day

(Here are a few pics of what you see from the event village)

Registration was a simple affair we where given our chip and race number along with an head band, Sorted

We had decided to jump into wave 2, this gave the fast runners time to get away and we would join the throngs of fun runners, my running partner for the day was Russell, an experienced Obstacle course runner however he had been off the circuit for a while due to work commitments

We join dates warm up held by a guy dressed in a ancient warrior outfit, now this guy has more energy than a teenager on red bull, he danced, he sang and he also got the runners involved by introducing a few who had birthdays or where on stag does, was really good and interactive - one of the best warm ups I have ever had the pleasure of attendi

Then we where off, the first km was mainly running close to the castle ( great views) and was broken up by a cargo net crawl, this was designed to spread the field out because a lot of the obstacles are designed for only 2 or 3 people to get over at a time, but don’t let this fool you, because ether waves are well spread out and so are the obstacles there are no queues when you get one

(Check out our video of the day)

after the first km the obstacles come around between every 400-500m and consist of several lake crossing, large ladder style walls, A frames, a climb over the castles walls, monkey bars, and a pretty fast landslide, but there are several more obstacle stop note that I liked 

There was a whole quarry section where they used Skips turned upside down, concrete barriers, water tanks and a whole host of things you find I quarries to negotiate, There was a Cawl that was like a maze and they pumped smoke into it so you was almost sightless, one of my favourite and this is going to be hard to describe - watch the video a large skip with a large straw bale to get up to it then you had to jump into the skip onto another straw bale put it was placed at the far side so you had to jump the gap, was a leap of confidence with a difference

At several points the course split and you got options of going for 15k or 10k when coming back into the village area after another lake crossing there was a ladder going vertical upwards 6m to a scaffolding platform, another confidence obstacle, especially as the ladder I got felt rickety, then we had several more walls to climb and crawls to get under before the fire jump! And what a fire jump it was, 

Crossing the finish line we received a drink and a cool casual top

After cleaning up me and Russell headed back to the event village for food and a pint and while listening to the band we discussed the event

We both agreed that there felt like there was a lot of running - (which I personally like) but the obstacles where very well spaced and just as Russell started to get bored of the running ( he doesn’t like running) an obstacle popped up and so it took away the feeling, 

Obstacle wise this is not meant to be a tough Guy or a Nuts, it is designed for the masses, with a lot of the obstacles being more mind over matter, but there is enough to make the hardened OCR enthusiast content and come away smiling, 

Price point we think it is spot on with prices from £35 to £50 depending on when you sign up

I personally enjoyed the whole day, from start to finish it was smoothly run, good course and the Sunday roast Wrap I had was to die for

Yorkshire warrior I will be back next year or we may even come and join you on 15th September as we enjoyed it that much 

check out their website here

Alan Moore

Alan Moore