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  • 22 Jun 2019
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Pits and Bits the waterless cleaning solution

When I started doing OCR the nearest thing to a shower at an event was a hosepipe in the corner pumping water from the local stream, But now we are spoilt and a lot of events have nice warm showers for us snowflakes

But some events are still raw and low key and don't offer any luxuries, and its at these events that you need Pits and Bits

No one likes driving home with the mud drying on the legs and becoming like a plaster cast as you move to brake, or the mud in your hair flaking off and covering the car in brown dried mud

Well no more does this need to happen, The answer is Pits and Bits dirty festival wash kit available from Shewee ( Click Here ) 

For only £6.95 you get a bottle of Shampoo and a bottle of body wash as well as 8 expandable wipes

This wash kit is the ideal size to pop on your Kitbrix (other bags are also ok) or your dryrobe pocket (other dry robes are not OK) and only use when needed

I recently used mine on a muddy bike ride, I was covered in the thick dirty oily mud you get when riding old train track trails and muddy quarry routes, the dirt was thick, in my hair and all over my arms and legs and when we stopped for a refreshing drink at a nice pub I popped my Pits and bits out of my day sack and spent 2 mins getting clean

Opening the shampoo I squeezed a little on my hand and rubbed in my air and within seconds a nice lather had formed and the mud was  coming out of my hair nice, squirting my water bottle in my hair and hey presto the hair was clean

Next I got the body wash and squeezed a little on my hand, rubbed it into my arms and then my legs, a little more was used for the face, then I used 2 of the expandable wipes to wipe it all off

Boom - the skin was clean and I felt refreshed and also smelt nice

Each festival wash kit I would say is good for 3 or 4 good washes and like I say its perfect for those events where there are no wash areas - saying that I cant see why you cant use like normal shampoo and body wash though, 

From now on it will always be in my kit for events

Give it a try - you won't be disappointed and you can also but it in larger size bottles 

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