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  • 07 Jul 2019
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Do you have a Dryrobe?

Well I do and I have to say it is one often best bits of kit I own, So much so that it goes to every event I attend, summer, winter, Sun, rain and snow, I even take it on bike rides with the lads, it really is one of my best bits of kit

But its a Pain!!!!

Its big, Its bulky, it a pain to carry around

I have a KITBRIX ( In fact I have 2 - like a lot of us do) but after I have put my towel in, Spare clothes, shoes and other bits and bobs, then there is no room for my Dryrobe :-(

So I have tried other things, I have. a stuff bag, great little idea and its water proof so I put my my wet clothes in after, but it is still pretty bulky to carry, I have used a bag for life - fits nicely but doesn't look too sexy

Well I have found the perfect bag, and from Dryrobe themselves

Basically its like my stuff bag - but has some extras that make it amazing

So whats the extras I hear you asking that make this different than a £9 stuff bag from any good camping store

Well first the materiel - its not some flimsy waterproof polyester, this is proper tough it looks like I could take a 6inch nail and a club hammer to is and it would just laugh ( although I haven't tried and wouldn't recommend it) but its also light and fold up small when not in use

Next- if you have used a stuff bag and put clothes in or a Dryrobe you know that you have to roll it up and then kneel on it while then fastening the end to make it as small as possible and easy to carry, well Dryrobe is much easier, 

first yo put your Dryrobe in, in fact its that big you van get 2 in there, then fasten it up without trying to squash it down

Next pull a little clear plug out of the bottom, this allows the air to come out when you pull the 4 straps on the side, this then compresses the whole bag, the air escapes through the plug, when you have it compressed you then just put the plug back in and hey presto the Dryrobe is now nice and small and easy to carry with the shoulder strap or even the handles, 

and just to make it extra sexy it is branded with Dryrobe too

check out my little video here of how easy it is to use 

And do you want to save some extra room in your kit bag

Well Dryrobe can help here too 

Lets talk towels - now for years I have used a microfibre towel from my local camping shop but it was never that big, and unless I wanted to pay a little over £15 then I  couldn't get a descent sized one

Well Dryrobe have brought out the Dryrobe microfibre towel for only £12, This is like most Micro towels it folds up really small but this towel is big and it is made of a material that feels like chamois - super soft and super absorbent to get you dried, I have used it twice now, I have used it with PITS and BITS body wash and the towel cleans and dries at the same towel, and I have also used after a shower and it dries super well then too, one of the little things I like too is that it has a loop on one corner which is great when you have folded and rolled the towel, you just pull this loop over the top and it holds it all in place to save it unfolding in the bag

if your interested in any of these items checkout the Dryrobe shop by clicking here 

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