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  • 30 Sep 2019
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When I started OCR i thought gloves where a must, I have tried many different kinds, and so far the best I had tried where rugby gloves, But over time they stretch and lose their grip so become useless

I have also tried liquid chalk in the past but the down side to this is carrying it around

So when OCR and go offered to let me test their OCR gloves and liquid chalk I was sceptical

Check out their video here

Lets start with the gloves

These fit very nice, they are light and feel like a second skin, 

The grip they offer on metal, rope and wood is brilliant, 

I have used them on Monkey bars, flying monkeys, nunchuck holds, climbing holds, rope climb, Hercules hoist and reverse walls

Over the years I have worked hard on making my grip strong and so far to date I have never failed a rig in a race, with these gloves on I soon realised I didn't need to use as much pressure on Monkey bars and rig holds, even when it was wet I had no issues holding onto my nunchuck holds and other vertical holds- my only downside was they offered too much grip when trying a latch - Flying monkey

I have used them now for about 5 weeks with 3 races and lots of training and they are just showing signs of wear but they have not lost their grip

As far as gloves go these are the best I have ever tested

Liquid chalk

So liquid chalk - how does this work

It comes in a little bottle, you shake the bottle and squirt it on the hands and it dries quickly, it then creates friction between your hand and what you are gripping - you may have seen this a lot in gymnastics

When I used this last about 4 years ago I found a few problems

1- Carrying a little bottle around with me on a race was annoying, it meant either I could only use one hand or I had to stuff it in my boxers and I once went over a wall with it in my boxers and soon found the bootle digging into areas I didn't want it to dig into

2- Put simple its was useless in the wet because it just didn't dry - instead it was like washing up liquid

3- Drying time - going from liquid to chalk took almost a minute, I used to use that minute wisely by talking to other runners I had overtaken 1/2 mile back as they now went past me

So has OCR & Go fixed these issues

1 - Yes they have they supply what they call a python belt - it holds your bottles nice and the zips are easy to use.

2 - even in wet conditions this dries - maybe a little slower than I would like but  it did dry, I even used it at Warrior assault on the flying monkeys directly after coming through wet mud - I just squirted some on the mud and it mixed with it and helped dry it although it did take around 20 seconds and it did help with grip

3 - Drying time - this is quicker than I have used in the past but still needs around 10 seconds

Overall - I can see the liquid chalk being a great accessory for events like Spartan where the mud is minimal and you can usually see the obstacles coming so you get those extra seconds to get it on your hands

So have OCR & Go got something we need - Simply put yes - I will be taking these to all events I attend now, im not sure I will always use them but they are there in case I feel the race and the conditions warrant them, if you are doing an event that is fairly dry with big rigs then the chalk will be ideal if its raining then its the gloves

Check them out for yourself - they have an offer on at the moment with the above and in the offer you also get some sleeves, a wrap and a nice little bad to put them all in click here to take advantage 



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