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  • 20 Dec 2020
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With 2021 looking like OCR will be back UKOCR and Overload run are looking to add to their obstacles by building a multi lane rig Using specialist handholds  

So, this week we had a selection of hold delivered from Toroz OCR and Ninja a specialist firm based in Poland 


When I opened the box, the wife started to look worried as it looked like a parcel from love honey with ropes and some strange looking obstacles but I had to assure her that the love honey parcel was still in the post 😊  

So, what did we get  


Having never reviewed Ninja holds it difficult to compare them against as we only get to use them when in races  


My first impression is they are well made – The T bar welding is smooth and precise, the composite holds feel good to hold with sharp edges and water runs off them well too, leaving a nice rough grip, 

I took an hammer to one of the composites and gave it a good hit and it’s still intact too 


On each one the hook looks very secure to the hold too and we tested 2 of the obstacles to hold over 30 stone ( 2 of us hung from them) and they held us no problems 


So what did we like and what will we be buying more of for our event at Overload run next August 


My personal favourite is the Disc Strong, I love how you can hold this with 2 hands or 1, it would make a great obstacle to do flying monkeys on but would difficult too due to size Maybe an elite lane 

The Cone and the composite Nunchuka as great to grip on with the nunchuka being a little more difficult that the cone 

I really liked the ring it is bright purple and made from a composite and looks and feels really good, maybe we will do an easier lane with these as they just look so good in the different colours 

Now the Balls are super tough and are for dry obstacle racing, even the composite ball when wet was very difficult and the same goes for the T-grip and because overload has almost a km of mud running and crawling we don’t feel these will suite our runners 

The rope I also liked and I am thinking of getting 2 of these for my home rig, they will make great pull up ropes- the girth is just right and because they are 50cm long they are good to do hold climbs too 

So why should you buy some - that’s simple – practice makes perfect –all you need to do is purchase a few of these and pop them on your pull up bar or a local branch and practice 

Better still buy some of these and a slack line 

Go to your local woods and string a 5m slackline between 2 trees around 7 foot off the floor and then hang these along it – there you go your own rig 

One other thing we like is the accessories you can get with these – chains, nylon ……. And both come with great quality caribiners 


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