What goes through my head when running

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  • 18 May 2021
  • Alan Moore

So I agreed to go running on Saturday morning with my buddies

I have not been feeling it recently – any here’s a few thoughts I had on the day

Its raining what am I doing going running

What shoes should I wear

Will it be muddy – might need better grip

No the wildhorse will be ok it wont be that muddy

Do I need to go to loo again before I set off

Its only spitting so I wont need a hat

Still better take a waterproof jacket though

Did we say we was meeting at 6:30

Its 6:15 I best set off

I’m 5 mins early but if he not here in 2 mins im off

Shit he is here, maybe he wont want to go far

Its raining harder wish I had brought my hat

Should I stretch – No – stay in car till last min – its warmer
and drier

Why wont my legs start moving

My ankle hurts

Did I start my Suunto

We doing sub 9 min miles WTF

Why does my knee hurt

Maybe I should have stretched

Maybe I should have gone to loo again

Im over heating in this jacket

Im getting tired but I cant walk after 2 miles

Should I say I want to take a picture so I can get 5 mins

Well taking a pic didn’t really work that well, I knackered again

Should I fake injury so I can turn around

Why are my ankles hurting

That’s 3 miles down and we not turned around yet – how far
are we going

Oh look a hedgehog picture time again

It looks like we going up that hill

Shit! Mud I knew I should have gone with irocks

Shit im slipping all over

This jacket is not waterproof

My shorts are not waterproof

My shoes are not waterproof

Oh good we heading back

Brilliant a down hill section

Shit! These shoes are shit in mud

Why is my glute hurting

Why are we running sub 9 min miles again

Oh look deer – picture time again

That’s 10k done and we still got ,miles to go – should I stop and say I cant run any more

My ankle does hurt now

Should I go to Macdonalds for dinner

I could murder one right now

Did I bring any money with me

I don’t think I did

What's that pain in my foot now

I think I need loo

Should I stop my Suunto while I pee

Yes, no, yes no im not time chasing

How far is left – 2 miles

2 miles that’s loads left

I need to walk

Oh look a muddy section run faster

These shoes are brill in mud

How far is left 1.8 miles

I do need a pee

Why are they running sub 11 min miles

Cant they slow down

Im going to stop and take a pic so I can have a rest

1 mile left – I got this

Shit I only done 8.8 miles

Best run another .2

thank god that's over

I think i need a pee

I love running

Alan Moore

Alan Moore