Mud Madness

  • Event Review
  • 15 Nov 2021
  • Alan Moore

Mud Madness

Less than 10 miles from my house on the outskirts of Sheffield in South Yorkshire there is Hesley Scout camp, one of the best known Scout camps in the UK, Set in a small wood with mature trees, you will find
assault courses, climbing walls, campsites, Archery and every year Mud Madness hosts its event there.

Mud Madness is run and managed by a small group of people from BlueBell wood Children’s Hospice and all profits from the race go towards keeping bluebell wood providing its excellent services to the South Yorkshire community

Signing up to the event was nice easy affair, only £30 and included a medal and a T-shirt

Finding the event was also nice and easy, the Postcode I received in my Race email the week before took me directly to the events entrance

Registration was simple, show them my email, they give you a bright yellow t-shirt, write your ID number on your hand and let you go, the bag drop was a manned Room too

On site there was a Scout Hut selling hot and cold drinks along with snacks like chocolate bars etc – No bacon butty I’m afraid though

There was a nice map on the wall near the start telling us there was over 40 obstacles with names like Gareth’s Bales, Ditch of Doom, Mud bath.

On the start line you could tell this was a Charity event, People had their nice new road running shoes on, and put parcel tape around them to make them fit tighter, Almost everyone had put on the bright Yellow shirt they had given you at registration, I spied a Mudcro top through the crowd and went over to say Hi, we had good natter and decided to run together and have some fun.

Check out the Video Below

There was a quick warm up by a netball player and the exercises was a little strange. Felt more like a line dance than a warmup, 

Then we was off, up a small incline before heading off road into the woods, meandering left and right and up and down we hit the first obstacle – The Mud Bath- In reality it was a ditch filled with muddy water and a big log over the top so you had to go and get wet, this was followed by climbing over some logs and Hay Bales before heading into an open field where we found a ditch to jump in, I’m not going to go through all the obstacles but they was all designed to get you muddy and they did just that

I had fun jumping in ditches full of md that I could have normally jumped over, I embraced every puddle by jumping in it and splashing my running buddies, who in turn did the same to me, the course was only 2.5km long
but you ran it twice so it was much the same before you hit the inflatable finish line obstacle, a gauntlet style inflatable with holes to crawl through, punch bag style obstacles to move and a little slide to finish before we got a
cute medal and a finishers drink

All in all it was a good day, lots of fun was had, the price was just about right, some of the obstacles could have been better, but I enjoyed it and with iy being a UKOSF licensed event I will be back next year

PS they even had showers to get clean afterwards too

Alan Moore

Alan Moore