Best Large Race 2021

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  • 03 Jan 2022
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We have the advantage of having some super great events  in the UK

Best Large race is to celebrate those events 

These events take many man hours to put on and attract runners in their droves

Mudnificent 7

A unique event that lets you taste 7 different zones from 7 different smaller events all on a 7lk Course. This event also raises thousands for charities

Nuclear Races

Based in Brentwood, Nuclear races is probably the largest attended independent race in the UK, It holds several events throughout the year and Its challenge cup event is known as the unofficial UK Championships

The Nuts Challenge

2021 as seen the Nuts challenge Grow, Its winter event is arguably the toughest OCR in the UK and 2021 as seen a raft of new obstacles and challenges added as well as bringing you the first ever gender neutral OCR in the UK

Spartan Race

Under the leadership of Matt Brooke Spartan UK has had a resurgent year in 2021 and brought back the excitement of Racing again for many

Total Warrior

Now based in Leeds, Total warrior had over 5,000 people attend in 2021, it has several events for everyone from 10k to Ultra

Tough Mudder

One again Tough Mudder brought new obstacles, and fun to many a runner, and also brought us Europe’s Toughest Mudder again in 2021


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