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  • 20 Feb 2022
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2022 UKOCR Race Series


The new UKOCR Race Series has been developed with the support of UKOSF.

It will recognise the best competitors of the 2022 Race season, by setting out a Series of Races during the Year for competitors to race against each other in

Current Events

Mar 5th        Winter Nuts Challenge – 1 lap sprint

Apr 3rd        Rough Runner (2 laps)

May 14th    Nuclear Rush 12k

Jun 25th        Total Warrior 12k

Jul 17th  Spartan Super

Aug 6th        Beach Ballistic 16k

Oct 16th        Battle on Lansdown 

Nov 5th        Nuclear Challenge Cup

UKOCR reserves the right to add additional events to this list, such changes will be made by no later than 01/07/2022.

UKOCR Race Series Point System

All races are scored using the following points system. Points are assigned based on the competitor's final place and gender. 

Points will be awarded as follows: 

  1. 300

  2. 265

  3. 235

  4. 215

  5. 200

  6. 185

  7. 172

  8. 160

  9. 152

  10. 144

  11. 136

  12. 128

  13. 122

  14. 116

  15. 112

  16. 108

  17. 106

  18. 104

  19. 102

  20. 100


Places beyond 20th, the point differential between each finisher will be 2 points until 69th place and any finisher beyond that will be awarded 1 point 

UKOCR have no responsibility for producing finishing results, these will be supplied by each event and any discrepancies would need to be directed to them whom in turn will notify UKOCR of any changes within 10 days of the race date

Individual Race Prize Money: 

UKOCR or UKOSF are not responsible for any prizes or prize money associated with any individual event. Individual events may organise their own prize money; however, such money is outside this series. Neither UKOCR or UKOSF will be liable for any failure by an individual event to provide any prizes or prize money which the individual event has promoted.

Race Series Age Categories

There will be 2 age categories in 2022 in each gender category of  Male and Female Competitors

Senior 39 and below as of 05/03/2022

Masters 40 and above as of 05/03/2022

Important Note: the Points system per Races will not be based on Age Categories, but only on Gender and there is no “roll down”. So for example if at a race 1st Place is a Senior, 2nd Place is a Master and 3rd Place is a Senior then the Senior competitors will receive 300 and 235 points respectively to count towards their Overall Race Series standing. The Master’s competitor will receive 265 points to count towards their standing.

Under 18 athletes 

Under 18 athletes can take part in the senior category based on age eligibility set by individual races. There is no allowance if an athlete is not able to take part due to age in one or more races.

Adaptive Athletes

If any adaptive athletes would like to enter the race series within an adaptive category, Please contact UKOCR via email at [email protected]

Overall Race Series Winners

The winners will be decided by the total amount of points accrued over their best 4 finishes at the events. If any competitor only finishes 3 races or less then their points from all races will count.

Competitors who acquire enough points from 3 races or less may rank higher than those Competitors who finish 4 or more races. I.e. For the avoidance of doubt the total amount of points will separate racers. There are no additional bonuses for finishing 4 or more races, save for having more opportunities to earn points.

If any competitor finishes 5 or more events, then their points from “unused” finishes are not redistributed, they simply are not used. E.g., if a competitor finishes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th then their 5th place finish will not be used. However, the 6th place competitor at that race will not “acquire” the unused points instead they will be awarded the 185 points associated with 6th place which, providing such a finish is being used, will count in that competitor's overall series finish.  

Tie Break procedure

The Tie Break procedure will only be employed to separate the top 5 positions in each series (so places 1st to 5th for both Male and Female in both Seniors and Masters). The tie break procedure will be, in order of importance: -

  1. Points earned in head-to-head races which the tied competitors finished which are being used in the series (i.e., races in which one or more competitors are not using their result do not count for the purposes of this tiebreaker).

  2. Number of first place finishes in races which a competitor is using for the series.

  3. Points earned in races in which a competitor finished in the top 3 which are being used in the series.

  4. Points earned at the last race of the season irrespective of whether that result is used for the series. Any competitor not attending will receive 0 points for the purposes of this tie-break.

  5. Points earned in all head-to-head races which involve the athletes irrespective of whether such races are being used for the competitor’s overall series race.

  6. Coin flip/drawing of lots

In the event of a tie being between more than two competitors then the above procedure is applied to break the initial tie. Once the tie is resolved then the procedure is reapplied from the beginning. E.g. if three competitors are tied on points and one competitor is eliminated following the application of tie break (ii) then the process begins again with the two competitors' points earned in head-to-head races being considered and so on.

For positions 6th onwards in the series then any competitors on the same number of points will simply share that position with the following places being adjusted accordingly. E.g., if two competitors have the 6th most points, they will be joint 6th place with the next position being 8th place etc.  

Race Series Eligibility

To be eligible to be in the series you must be a member of UKOSF by no later than July 1st 2022, exceptions will be made if an athlete completes their first race in the series after this date at the discretion of UKOCR.

All Competitors must abide by the UKOSF Athlete Conduct outlined in the UKOSF Rulebook

UKOSF members who do not wish to participate in the series can elect to opt out by making UKOCR aware. Please note that points won by opted out UKOSF members will not be redistributed.


Race Series Prizes

The 3 top placed male and female athletes in both age categories will be recognised in the UK Obstacle Racing awards for 2022 with trophies 

However we are working closely with other sponsors and  should further prizes become available  these will be published by UKOCR and UKOSF on their social media channels. 

UKOCR Team Championships

The UKOCR Team Championships is a special additional competition to give teams that train and race together an additional target for the year. It will run alongside the UKOCR series and will use the points earned by athletes within the UKOCR series to determine Team placing.

An athletes Team

An athlete will nominate their team when they register with UKOSF. If an athlete does not nominate a team, then they have until 1st July 2022 to do so. On 2nd July 2022 any
athletes without a nominated team will be considered “unattached” and their points will not count to any team’s score.

Once an athlete has nominated their team then it will last for the duration of the season. If an athlete decides that they no longer wish to represent a team then they should email [email protected] . All points scored by an
athlete up to that point will still count if appropriate, but they will be deemed unattached from that point onwards.

To avoid any gamesmanship, an athlete can only represent one team per year. Consequently, an athlete who changes their team midseason will be considered to be “unattached” from the point in which they notify UKOSF of their change of team. Although as noted above previous points earned may contribute to their former team’s score.

Earning Points

A team’s points will be calculated using the top 10 results from their athletes over the course of the season based on the eligible results criteria listed below. So, if a team’s athletes have 7 eligible first place finishes and 3 eligible second place finishes their total score will be 2,895 points.

Eligible results are as follows: -

  • Only UKOCR series races and eligible waves within those races in which points are awarded will count towards a teams scores.
  • Each individual team member can only contribute their two best results to their team’s total. Consequently, a team’s score will be made up of a minimum of five athletes and a maximum of ten athletes’ score.
  • A team’s score must have a gender split ratio of at least 60/40. So, of the ten results used for the team’s score, their best 4 results from the male field will be counted and their best 4 results from the female field will be counted. The final 2 results can come from either field subject of course to the rule that an individual athlete can only contribute up to two results to the overall team score.
  • An athlete must be otherwise eligible to score points in the UKOCR series. E.g. they must be a UKOSF member and must not have any other good reason as to why they are ineligible such as conduct issues.

The scores which are used by a team are not “locked in” until after the final race on 5th November 2022. A team can use an individual athlete best two results (subject to it being an eligible result) irrespective of where it came in a season. E.g. if an athlete achieves a 5th place finish in race 1 and a 3rd place finish in race 2 then such results can be substituted out in the event that an athlete achieves a higher position at a future race.

Working out results

A Team does not need to directly nominate which results to use. The UKOCR and UKOSF team will seek to ensure that a team’s highest eligible scores are used when publishing its updates and final standings.

Should a team have any disputes concerning it’s total then such dispute is to be raised to [email protected] by no later than Wednesday 16 November 2022 or such later date that the UKOCR team may nominate at their sole discretion.

Tie Break Procedure

The Tie break procedure will be employed to separate the top five teams. From position 6th place and below then ties will be allowed, and the teams will simply share the position.

The Tie break procedure is as follows: -

  • The highest number of first placed positions earned by the team with their 10 eligible results.
  • The highest number of first and second placed positions earned by the team with their 10 eligible results.
  • The highest number of first, second and third placed positions earned by the team with their 10 eligible results.
  • The final positions of the Teams best placed male competitor and best placed female competitor in the UKOCR series.
    Providing that at least one of that athletes scores contributed to the team score. So, for example if Team 1 has the 1st placed male and the 2nd placed female and Team 2 has the 3rd placed male and the 1st placed female then Team 1 would win the tie break.
  • The final positions of the Teams top two placed male competitors and top two place female competitors. Again providing that at least one of those athletes scores contributed to the team score.
  •  Coin flip/drawing of lots.

In the event that a tie is between more that two teams then the above procedure will be used to break the initial tie. If a tie still exists then the tie break procedures are reapplied from the beginning to the remaining tie(s) until no tie exists.


The 3 top placed Teams will be recognised in the UK Obstacle Racing awards for 2022 with trophies

However we are working closely with other sponsors and should further prizes become available  these will be published by UKOCR and UKOSF on their social media channels.

Disputes/issues arising

In the case of a dispute or issue which cannot be resolved by these rules then the decision of the series organisers UKOCR will be final. Any disputes must be emailed to [email protected]

2023 season

Full details of the 2023 season, including how to change team, will be announced when the 2023 season is announced following to 2022 season.

 Disputes/issues arising

In the case of a dispute or issue which cannot be resolved by these rules then the decision of the series organisers UKOCR will be final. Any disputes must be emailed to [email protected] 



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