Military Fitness Training

We are North East Scotland's leading fitness provider. Now operating in locations across the country, we offer the best way to get fit and lose weight, whilst having great fun with other people! Designed by former members of the Armed Forces and other Fitness Professionals we adopt functional training methods that will help to motivate and encourage you to get back into fitness! We specialise in various services whether you just want to improve your quality of health and life style, lose weight, tone up or become a professional athlete we can provide the correct service and advice for you. Our instructors don't just stand in front of the class and demonstrate exercises that the class then repeats. Our instructors lead, explain, guide, and motivate you through each session. We also compete in OCR European Championships World OCR Championships and are involved in health and fitness promotions, having run events for local health and fitness facilities to promote a healthier lifestyle to the public. These events cover topics such as personal fitness, diet, nutrition, alternative and remedial therapy. Follow on Facebook at Follow on Twitter at

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