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  • 06 Nov 2017
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The UKOCR scene original and fully transparent awards is now in its 5th year

The awards are to celebrate the Best of OCR in the UK as chosen by the members of our Facebook Group

Who will join the likes of multiple winners Nuclear Races and Tough Guy, who will retain their titles from 2016, who will win the new categories, only you can decide

Over the last week we have had nominations for the UKOCR awards 2017 in the usual 4 categories and also the new best children's OCR

We also asked if you had any award requests and we have decided to add several more to the list so heres the  list of awards and shortlist 

Toughest Obstacle

Best Children's OCR

Best New OCR 2017

Muddiest OCR of 2017

Toughest OCR

New Categories

So the new Categories that you recommended and UKOCR liked and think deserves recognitions are

( just remember these are the UKOCR awards and so its only UKOCR events/ facilities that can be nominated)

Best Natural Terrain in an OCR

Take away the obstacles and which OCR event used the terrain to the best of its ability, It doesn't have to be hills, it could be scenery, 

Best OCR Training facility 

This must be a UK facility that specialises in OCR training

Best customer service

This must be a UK event and one that you have actually dealt with

Best Small event

This must be an event that as less than approx 400 participants at an event 

(UKOCR decision will be final should a bigger event be nominated)

Best Medal 

Which UK OCR delivered the best Stand out medal in 2018

Best OCR for spectators

Which UKOCR event delivers the best for spectators, Can they see whats going on around the course, facilities for them

Best Overall OCR attended in 2017

Which UKOCR event delivered the best all round experience for you in 2017

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