HYROX Announces Exclusive Partnership with Factor as Official Meal Delivery Partner in the U.S.

New York, 14th December  HYROX, the global sport of fitness racing, has announced that Factor, America's leading ready-to-eat meal delivery service, will become the official meal delivery partner of HYROX in the U.S., launching at the Fort Lauderdale Race in February 2024. 


Through this partnership, Factor will provide sample meals at all U.S. HYROX races as well as provide exclusive discounts for registered athletes to help them fuel up and train for race day. Chef-crafted with protein and essential nutrients, Factor meals help simplify athletes' routines with quick and convenient meal solutions, saving valuable time on meal prep for better focus on training and recovery.


As HYROX continues its meteoric rise, with over 175,000 global participants this season, the entry of new partners into the sporting ecosystem is continuously enhancing the athlete experience. As the leading ready-to-eat meal company in the U.S., Factor offers over 35 meal choices each week including Calorie Smart, Protein Plus, Keto, Vegetarian, and Vegan options along with an array of shakes, cold-pressed juices, snacks, breakfasts, proteins, and desserts. 


Christian Toetzke, the HYROX founder, shared his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "Factor aligns seamlessly with HYROX's mission, and we're thrilled to have them as our official meal delivery partner in the U.S.. Nutrition is a vital component of our participants' performance and recovery, amongst the high pace of life many of our athletes enjoy the convenience of these meals allowing more time for training, racing and living life."


Adding to this, Mike Apostal, CEO of Factor, said “We’re excited to join forces 

with HYROX to fuel athletes with our nutritionist-backed, freshly prepared meals. Ready from the microwave in two minutes, Factor is packed with the protein and nutrients needed to feel race-day ready.”


As Factor becomes the official meal delivery partner of HYROX in the U.S., both organizations look forward to a future fueled by excellence, convenience, and peak performance for all. 


HYROX athletes and spectators will also be offered 50% off their first box of Factor and 20% off their next four boxes of Factor with code HYROX2024.


For more information visit https://hyrox.com/ and https://www.factor75.com/HYROX2024 or contact hyrox@fittestpr.com.


About HYROX:

HYROX is the Global Sport of Fitness Racing, inspiring people worldwide to engage in the healthiest form of training and competition on earth. HYROX connects the world’s training communities with a sport, a training methodology and a lifestyle that is accessible to all and conveys the transformative benefits of training and competition to a globally connected audience.



About Factor

Factor is a fully-prepared meal delivery service that is taking a whole new approach to fresh-prepared food. The company’s weekly rotating menu of 35+ weekly meals and 55+ add-on options, including shakes, cold-pressed juices, breakfasts, snacks, proteins, and desserts, are hand-crafted by gourmet chefs and optimized by dietitians. Factor delivers anywhere in the contiguous U.S. For more information, visit Factormeals.com.