What is Hybrid Fitness?

Hybrid fitness refers to training (and/or competing) in multiple sport modalities (a mix of cardio and strength).

To give you an example.

Hyrox is a hybrid fitness race. It combines both cardio and strength. See below.

Source: Hyrox.com

DEKA (DEKA mile and DEKA Fit) are also hybrid races as they are testing cardio and strength simultaneously.


DEKA Mile is described on their website as ‘a unique and memorable fitness challenge for the masses combining our DEKA Zones each preceded by 160 meters of running (1 mile total)’.

DEKA Fit (includes 10 functional training zones, each preceded by 500 metres of running (5k total)


These zones are 30 RAM alt reverse lunges, 500m row, 20 box jump overs/step overs, 25 med ball sit up throw, 500m ski erg, 100m farmer carry, 25kcal air bike, 20 dead ball wall over, 100m tank push/pull, 20 RAM burpees.


Other hybrid races also include 

Nuclear Fit

Conquer fitness

Turf games

Deadly dozen

Forders Strive

Core VI


As a side note, studies have typically shown that training both cardio and strength simultaneously can impact progress in both and can have a negative effect on performance.

However, individuals continue to get faster at Hyrox. Proof that you CAN improve both cardio and strength simultaneously. The key here is to have a thorough and well-designed hybrid training programme.

This article was an introduction to hybrid fitness. It’s set the scene for a series of articles aimed to educate, motivate and inform you all things hybrid fitness racing!

Keep your eyes peeled for future articles, such as;  ‘The benefits of hybrid fitness training’ and ‘how to train both cardio and strength simultaneously’.


Hannah x

About the author:

I am Hannah, a World Championship Hyrox athlete, who has qualified for the World Championships in 3 consecutive seasons.


I am obsessed with Hyrox. 


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