1 true grit - Spring 2018

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  • 14 Mar 2018
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1 true grit returned in march 2018 after a little break, 

it was supposed to be the start of spring however the recent rains and snow had made things a touch muddy

Here's what our followers thought of the event

Paul Gunn Had a great time...after we got through the first obstacle the car park 😂 That was planned right?
I went in the elite wave, which meant I had a clear run at most obstacles before they got really muddy, even then the mud of the course took all the ener
gy from my legs. 
The water was freezing, crawling through pipes not being able to catch your breath is an experience you won’t forget quickly.
For me it was a great season opener. 8k, top 20 finisher, something to build on.
With regards to next year, a bag drop is a must. Charge extra for it, everyone else does. The start was a little chaotic due to the mud, but don’t let that stop you from coming back next year.

Laura Kemp I really enjoyed it. There was a good mix of running and obstacles - they were well spaced out. Challenging enough to have a good time but not so hard that I had to avoid any obstacles. The ninja rings seemed to be a problem for a few people - they weren’t really high enough from the ground. I also think it’s important that the marshals know where the water stop is - i asked a couple and they didn’t know if there even was one.

Ross MK Phillips Ran the family wave and had a blast .The new RDs have decided to send the kids round part of the adult course. including the water crossings which my two (6 and 9) went across..
They even asked book the next one when it becomes available

Leon Swift Took a clan of 4 newbies out and we all enjoyed it. Great course, well thought out distance between obstacles, good range of obstacles, water obstacles all good with plenty of mud. Vert ramp awesome.Well organised and run. Do need to rethink the slide as I think it was asking for trouble being that fast but that shallow. 
Overall good work

Stuart Church Agree with comments regarding water slide and ninja rings (one too low with a tree in the way and the other too high with no step!) BUT a really enjoyable course that had a good mix of obstacles and two horrific hill climbs/runs! Well recommended and worth going next year!

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