Rocket race- April 2018

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  • 07 May 2018
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Rocket race held its first event of 2018 in April

Heres what members of our Facebook group thought about it and ranked it on our new marking system

1- Expectations Not Met
2- It is exactly as it says on the Tin
3- Better Than I Thought
4- Best OCR I have done

Steve Blight 4, but slightly bias as I was marshalling! All joking aside having seen the set up from the other side they are good people! The first and foremost instruction on our briefing was the runners safety, followed by ensure they enjoyed the day, loads of encouragement, muddy hugs a plenty and an EU mountain of Haribous!!!! I for one will certainly return as both runner and Marshall!!!

Callum Swift 3. Marshalled all day, then ran a very cosy marshal wave at the end of the day. Living only 40mins away, this could be counted as my local race. Great obstacles, awesome terrain, and they even put 10p in the electric meter to give us some sun most of the day

Michael Rawstron 4 lived every minute of it. Also loved the new obstacles and new bling bring on the next one

Dean Connolly 4. Having done the event for the last 3 years I have seen them go from strength to strength.
The builds and course are bigger and better every year.

Always the same standard of awesome marshalls and organisation as well.
Back in Oct for their next event with my team.
Team Tribe 

Harriet Green 4. Bit of a soft spot for Rocket Race. It's where I popped my OCR cherry in early 2016 and have now done 5 of them plus Mud7 and an unofficial test run last week. The course gets better and better. Obstacles are challenging and well built. The marshalls are always top notch fun. (Shame so many couldn't make it this year which meant some of the obstacles were closed. Didn't stop the fun though and those that were there were brill!)
The RD's learn each year and improve. They listen to ideas/criticism/reviews and they go forward all the time, making it better and bigger but always with open ears. Like someone has said, it's not a race because it's not timed but instead it is all about taking part, teamwork and having fun! Just bloody brilliant muddy fun and this year we had good weather AND soft ground which made it even better. But most importantly, the bling..... Mmmmm. Shiny. What more can I say??? Roll on October!

Stuart Bostock 4. 
Just love it ! Love it, love it, love it ! Fun and challenging probably the best the world !! (said in Jeremy Clarkson way !!! ðŸ˜)
If your looking for an ocr that delivers what is promised then look no further ! David, Kerry and the team p
ut together a package that is built from passion and dedication. There own experience shines through and puts other ocr's to shame ! This could easily be made into a bigger event spanning 2 days ! 
Maybe one day ?
Oh and did I mention that I just love it ??? ðŸ˜‚ 
Till the next time ocr fans !

David Rintoul 3!

Dougal Richard Shakespeare 4 love it and keep going back 
The 3rd time and it just keeps getting better 

A brilliant run that has something for everyone 
Challenging obstacles fun obstacles new obstacles old favourites and sone hashes good use of terrain and a few twists that caught me by surprise 
Cant wait to see whats next

Kat Jones 4! Rocket race is just one event that delivers again and again. Always something new on the course designed and built by a team that is passionate about the sport and having fun. Love the family wave and my kids love that they can have a go at the adult obstacles! If you haven't done it you are literally nuts! (And missing out massively!)

Steve Hale 4 - such a great event and the team are so enthusiastic.

Emily Kate Hale 4 - love this event! Has changed the world of OCR in the south west. Keeps getting better every time. Apollo 2018 was the best one yet...looking forward to thing to come from the RD’s ðŸš€

With Scores like that could Rocket race have the best OCR in UK award in the bag already


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