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  • 07 May 2018
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Spartan are back in the UK

One of the bigger events in the UK have been talking of upping their game

Here what members of our group thought of it using our new scoring system

1- Expectations Not Met
2- It is exactly as it says on the Tin
3- Better Than I Thought
4- Best OCR I have done

Tera Nikolaos 2 - was exactly what I expected from a Spartan Sprint (so many hills tho!). Volunteers were awesome, particularly car park stewards and the 4x4s helping out getting people *into* the car park, let alone getting back out again! 

Jamie Ross 3. I loved it, moaned like hell, but loved it! Did both the Super & Sprint. My body hates me right now! 

Jimmy Galaxy-Witt I think a 2 for me. The hills def take it out of you and a lot of upper body stuff that I’m not as good at. Well at least I know what I need to work on! Running after the first set of 30 also a killer. A good event and great warm up for the season!

Megan Bray 3. AMAZING! Death by hills. Fantastic course. Great atmosphere. Did Super on Sat and Sprint on Sunday. The course was totally different on sunday with all the mud from the rain overnight. Best marshals ever too AROO!

Roger Bacardy Did the Super on Saturday morning, before they reduced the length of the tyre carry expedition and loved it. Hated it at the time though!
Hills, hills, hills, hills, hills, hills, and more hills!

Legs were cramping up, everywhere was aching, especially forearms after the bucket carry, but made it to the end and thought - “I want to do that again!”
Parking, bag drop and registration were all a breeze.
Marshalls were excellent and the punishing course was very well laid out, unless you didn’t like hills, and there were adequate hydration stations.
I think a 2.5. Exceeded expectations, but not my favourite ever Spartan. That would be Ashburnham Place for the lake swim.

Encarni Cascales 3 - run both Saturday and Sunday and loved it. The Super was a real test with all these hills and never ending carries. My favourite was the Sprint with the right balance of obstacles, hills, carries and some mud. The volunteers were amazing with encouragement and support. Awesome weekend!

Jaroslaw Jerry Grabny 2  ' YOU'LL KNOW AT THE FINISH LINE'

Paul Ocr Cocksedge A solid 3, I marshalled both days working with Louise on The Spartan Kids, value for money the best kids event at a well oiled machine like Spartan. With a fantastic medal and finishers Tee and a 1.1 Mile course which replicated the adults then this was perfect. There was their first ever competitive wave for kids on the Sunday with extra podium medals and cash prize vouchers up for grabs for the age cats. This will only get better and attract more kids between 4 and 13 to come with their parents or guardians and be the future of this great sport we love. 
The adults Course was great but Brutal but then it’s Spartan so what did they expect. Great weekend 👌🏽👊🏽

Ivan MK Ambrose 3...I marshalled PM Saturday and ran the sprint on Sunday.
A well thought out course with great use made of the natural terrain to provide some top technical running routes. The obstacles were well spaced and testing...especially the muddy Atlas stones 😂😂
I don’t tend to run the shorter distances but I would not hesitate to do this one again.
ell run event...big well done to everyone.

Jonathan Fletcher 3 awesome course and awesome Marshalls and awesome runners what a weekend

Gethin Jones 4 for me as it challenged me more than any other event I have done... Will be doing more... did both Saturday and Sunday... Sat was just hill nightmare and the longest tyre carry known to man! Amazing marshals and volunteers 

Deirdre Duffy MQ 3. Marshalled for the first time on Sat & had a great time, then ran Sprint on Sunday which I enjoyed more than I expected! My only moan was the pretty constant ‘women’s ones are over there, these are for the men’ every time I went for the heavier options...🙄🙄

Mark Haygarth A well deserved 3.After the issues Spartan experienced at Windsor last year they fully redeemed themselves and then some . I only ran Saturday.The event itself was well organised ,marked out and the marshals were fantastic , looking forward to my next one 

Jonny J Austen 1, because:
1. MC reading out rules at the start didn’t have a mic or much in the way of passion I thought. Couldn’t hear him or any rules he may have read out. You see vids of Coach Pain etc and that didn’t really match up. 

2. Had to do the log carry twice due to the above (left shoulder was hurting so put one round my neck). Was told to leave or do it again. Course was great but this ruined it for me a bit, no need to be rude.

Nic Jan 4 voulenteered all day Saturday and on Sunday morning before running the sprint. Was a great experience and very well organised. The sprint was one of the best courses I have done with lots of well spaced out obstacles and some brutal hills. Was my first Spartan but certainly won't be the last!

Alex Ander 3: loved that they have brought in banana and got rid of the gel packets. There was hardly any litter and bananas are so much better for you compared to the gels. 
Obstacles were a lot of fun but i do miss the nornal monkey bars. 2 of them you could cl
ass as a bit dangerous.
Bender: bit of a drop if you dont have the strength or technqiue
Slip wall: day 2 the rope was very slipperly. Should have closed down as you couldnt get a good grip on the rope. I saw someone had fallen off (hope they are ok), so they closed it while they helped the lady out, but 10 mins later they had re-opened it.
Festival area was really good and as always the staff and volunteers were utterly fantastic. Cant wait for gloustershire!

Lauren Hughes 3 great opener for the season, I'm broken after the weekend, ran the super in AM then marshalled transverse walls in PM, ran sprint AM Sunday 
Loved the atmosphere all round, hated that 2km tyre carry (apparently shortened after our wave) and the hills
 - good god that Forrest lot was never ending! Defo worth doing a Spartan and I'm already signed up for more volunteer shifts and to complete my beast in October 💪🏻AROO

Calvin Hobbes 2/3 - You always know that a Spartan event is going to be a challenge. I thought the course was well designed, with the obstacles well spaced out and perfectly positioned, to maximise punishment! For example, Gentle hill, leading to the pan drag, followed by that brutal hill! My glutes were really grateful! Volunteers were amazing as always and it was really nice to have tough Burpee enforcers. The conditions were 'interesting', making some of the obstacles harder than normal. Had to smash out 120 penalty Burpee's! There were a few things that could have improved the race. Having the atlas stones on bails of hay like they do at the Super and Beast would have made that more accessible. Spartan are one of the more expensive OCR's and although a great experience, not sure its always value for money. Many OCR's don't charge for car parking or bag drops. Roughly £90 for 7.75k makes me question whether Spartan is worth it in the long run

Baiba Olina 3... wobbled super and that was brutal, hills tyre carry and bucket carry nearly killed me!!! 
Marshalled Sunday am and wobbled sprint pm 
After taking few paracetamols before start time done a trick of forgetting little bit the pain,but man I struggled so much as my body was tired!

Love the race,love marshals and marshalling!

Rob Gould 3. Better than expected, in terms of pleasantly harder than expected. Thought it was more challenging than the Windsor Beast last year, maybe because of the hills this weekend at the Super (I think there were some?). Also massive kudos for the addition of those metal roads. I don't mind admitting that not knowing whether I am going to be able to get my car out quickly at the end of the race can be at the back of my mind when racing! So a great reassuring extra addition to enable me to enjoy the race more...nice one, goes to show it's always the little touches! Marshalls excellent and good burpee reinforcement....!

Stu Gee PT 3 - Initially I was a bit miffed as stood about for 3 hours before we knew where we were marshalling but soon forgotten. As had an absolute blast the whole weekend. 14 hours on the rope incline near the end. Lost count how many times I climbed it helping people.  
Racing Sunday was a bit muddy to say the least, but enjoyed every second of it. Plodded around for fun as a change

Gemma Avery 3- an epic weekend. First experience of spartan and well worth the very early booking for the money I paid. 
Did the super on Saturday, ran with people I met on the start line and really enjoyed myself. But those hills, in particular combined with the 
bucket is something I won’t forget in a hurry. I then went back on the Sunday for the spring and did that on my own and having lost my ocr bug a while ago, this certainly did the trick getting it back. Loved it, hills and the extra 2km the morning waves apparent did. 
My body hates me and I have bruises in places I havnt had for a while. But I’m looking forward to the Windsor beast and earning the final piece of my trifecta. Thanks spartan. Oh and the kids did their Race and again, really enjoyed it.

Lee Wells Definitely 3. I worked on reg both days and run sprint. Although on the day i made up new swear words for the hills you have to give it to Spartan! They made good use of the terrain. Hats off to the 4x4 crew in the car park. Definitely made the best they could out lf what could have been a disaster!!

Ayoub Aldam 1

Wendi Burgess Got to give the Super an 11 (4). Our first Spartan and it was the toughest OCR we have done by far. Terrain and obstacles were simply brutal. Absolutely loved it.

Antony Moore For me definitely 3/4 so I marshalled both days, all day Saturday on the sandbags, sorry for those who don’t like the man/woman 1 bag 2 bag thing, us marshals are just following the rules we are given but did also say if women wanted to carry 2 they could, the majority didn’t, Sunday was in bag drop, awesome time had met loads of great people was a great experience to talk to lots of people before and after there race didn’t meet one person who didn’t have a good experience and most said they would be back, Sunday afternoon I ran the sprint, as people said already “those Hill” I for one loved them even in the very wet muddy conditions, excellent mix of obstacles and carries, some very difficult in the muddy conditions very slippy in everything, my personal achievements for the day was completing the hoist and then vertical rope wall which I didn’t think I would, an Aroo to the spartan team, an Aroo to the Marshall’s and a big Aroo to all the competitors, I will be back marshalling and completing the super and beast for my trifecta.

Jesstinna Elizabeth Sherhod 4 I love doing spartan race I do it every year as it’s got the best atmosphere than other OCR races xXx

Russell Mount 4. My first spartan and wow it taught me a lot!!! First race I have really, really struggled with. Cramp was so bad I nearly quit but for the Marshall’s support and encouragement (plus a couple of massages) ... they were great. lots of hill training to be done for me 🙈 Atmosphere was great and will go again for sure!!! Also, if anyone has any tips and advice for hamstring and calf cramping, it would be much appreciated 😊always suffered with it.

Adrian Pitt 3-4+ spartan race is my ocr spiritual home, what an epic weekend the race gets slicker each time its run, Huge thanks to all the blue tops for making a superb event. Oh I will be back try and stop me.

Tonia Green 4 all the way!

Editors note

Wow - Just Wow, having done a spartan every year for last 5 I felt like they where stagnant or going backwards and wasn't planning on doing one this year - but with scores like this I think I need to get myself booked on one 


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