Go feral

  • Event Review
  • 22 Sep 2019
  • james HALL

After speaking to the RD of go feral at a local parkrun I decided that it seemed the prefect event to take my bootcamp for some team building and obstacle-based fun. To be honest I didn’t have high hopes with it being the cheapest OCR I’ve ever done, plus you could camp with unlimited access to races and fitness sessions over the weekend for an amazing £40.

When I arrived on site I was amazed by the beauty of the location. Set in abbots ripton near Huntington in Cambridgeshire. Former home to one of the uk’s best festivals (secret garden party) With gentle hill’s, Crystal blue lakes and woodland areas this really was a magical location for this type of event.  Parking was free and registration was quick and friendly. And I managed to get myself a coffee and a flapjack for the bargain price of a £1. 

I decided to run the 12 o’clock wave on my own and join the bootcamp for the 1 o’clock wave. I asked how much extra I would need to pay and they said I could run as many laps as I wanted at no extra cost. Wow this was shaping up to be a great event.

After setting off I was greeted by a rope climb and tyre carry up some hills and then into a fun slide. A quick dip in the lake followed by some woods where they actually used the tree houses built for the former festival as part of the race which was great fun. After this the race went into another wooded area where they had their famous floor is lava section with an easy and hard routes. I had great fun on the numbchucks and monkey bars. After this there was was plenty of slip and invert walls. Aswell as the normal hay bales, climbs and carries you’d expect. I soon crossed the line finishing as first adult and received a great wooden rustack medal and already for another lap of fun with the bootcamp. 

I really can’t recommend this event enough for trial running and Ocr. Everyone I spoke to was friendly and there were no massive cues I’ve come to expect at this type of events.  The bootcamp had a great time and said they would be back for the weekend next year. Don’t be put off by the lack of social media marketing here. This really is a great event and will be a welcome addition to my calendar next year

james HALL

james HALL