Truesapien clothing review

  • Product Review
  • 15 Dec 2020
  • Alan Moore

There is a new kid on the block when it comes to clothing 



you look up 
Truesapien in the dictionary this is what it says

TrueSapien’ is the aspirationalomnipotent version of our self. It is achieved only by consistently challenging oneself to improve
and by aligning with our natural traits, instincts and abilities as 
Homosapiens to be at one with but also master our chosen environment.” 


And this is just what Truesapian tries to do 

It designs inspirational clothing than helps us challenge ourselves in any environment 

In May this year I bought 2 types of tops, some shorts, some calf guards, a light weight jacket and the obligatory hat, 

During the summer these performed really well, doing what they are supposed to do, fit nice, perform well by being light, wicking that sweat away and keeping me cool, generally doing what most clothing does out there 

But as the weather changed and we went into the colder months this is when the clothing came into its own  

The performance top not only wicked away the sweat but as the body gave off its heat it felt like it was trapping it and keeping my body warm and dry, the lightweight jacket is only shower proof but it did what it said on the tin, when I got caught in rain once or twice it stayed fairly dry, only letting in a little water on the shoulders but it did keep the biting wind of storm Katrina out when I got caught in 30+ MPH winds 

And then recently we had a bit of snow up on the top of Kinder Scout in the Pennines and its conditions like this when you know clothing is good or not 

Normally I would be layering up with a base layer, top, maybe a thin long sleeve top and then my OMM water proof jacket, but I wanted to test the Truesapien gear. 

So, it was just the performance t-shirt, light weight jacket ( however I gave it a spray on the shoulders with some NIKWAX ), Truesapien shorts and calf guards 

The conditions where at zero degrees with a windchill factor of –5 on the top, the climb up to kinder takes about half an hour of steady running and the clothing was doing what it was supposed too but I was getting apprehensive as I was worried about the conditions and lack of clothing I had on 

But 20 miles later almost 4,000 ft of elevation and 4 hours out in the snow, wind and rain I got back to the starting point feeling elated, the jacket was 99% waterproof, the top kept me warm, the calf guards worked and the shorts wear amazing keeping the most important areas dry 

All in all I am over the moon with their clothing and going forward it's the clothing choice of the UKOCR team 

Here’s the Kit I bought with links 

running shirt


is the similar to most of the running tops out there, a technical moisture
wicking top that has a little texture in the material, it does what it says on
the tin, delivers a light weight running top that feels comfortable from the
moment you put it on to the moment you take it off,

running /fitness top


this is my fav top, Not only does it do everything the technical running shirt
does but it feels so soft and comfy to wear, the material feels more like
casual t-shirt than moisture wicking, but trust me I have never felt so cool in
this top, this is now my go too top for all running, which reminds me. Need to
order a few more of them, because I can’t just wash this one every day



I read the blurb about these I thought wow I need those, and let me say they do
not disappoint they are the lightest and comfiest running shorts I own, they
are also great in water too, having used mine for open water swimming I can
confirm they drain really well which is great as they still feel light and

I have one downside, I have pretty big thighs and when doing OCR you need a
great range of movement for getting over walls, these are a little tight on
those thighs ( however an extra inch split at the sides and a little bit of
stitching to stop them splitting further did the trick) I do however think this
might just be me, as 2 of my running buddies bought them and have not had
problems, so if your going to get some and have pretty big thighs do what I did
when I bought a new pair,  I went up a
size and now they are perfect

light running jacket


love this jacket now the wetter / colder nights have set in, I love how it how
it keeps the rain and wind out while running, and keeps the heat in meaning i’m
nice and toasty on this cold nights

thing I like about the jacket is that it doesn’t have a flappy hood, this
jacket will be ideal for OCR events like Winter nuts and Tough guy, it will
keep the wind chill away and keep you warm. Another thing I like about it are
the seams, Usually on wind/shower proof jackets that cost less than £100 then
the seal on the seams comes away after a few washes, but this has been washed a
lot more times and it is still intact-and with a little NIKWAX spray it makes
it almost 100% waterproof,  I can’t wait
till 2021 to give it a proper test in an OCR



a big fan of calf guards myself, they seem to be always too tight for me,
however I do wear them for certain OCR as when doing a rope traverse they can
save your legs from getting battered. Well these are not made from that shiny
nylon that most calf guards are made from, they are more like a stretchy cotton
and because of this they fit nice, the circulation is still going around my
ankles even after a good 20 miles plus, and one of the best parts is that the
material is not silky so it grips, making it ideal for obstacles that you need
to grip with calfs like a weaver, low rig or rope traverse

Check out the video if me and the UKOCR team up in the snow of kinder scout

Alan Moore

Alan Moore