Nike Wildhorse 6

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  • 22 Feb 2021
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Nike WildHorse 6

I had been looking for some new trail shoes for a while, 

There is nothing wrong the 3 pair I have already but like all runners, you can never have enough running shoes

The Nike Wildhorse had been on my radar for a few years, but I always thought they where a little bit expensive for a shoe that not many people had raved about, but when Nike had a recent sale and reduced them to £73.47 
I though to myself "why not bite that bullet and go for them" so I did, parted I with my hard earned cash

48 hours later and they where on my door step in all their KumQuat glory – No they are not atomic Pink they are KumQuat

They look nice and feel well structured, The grip is a little more aggressive than a lot of trail shoes and the lugs are spread apart – a bit more like a fell shoe,

The uppers are made from Nike flyknit with a thin layer of textured rubber around the toe area for protection from those pesky roots I always seem to trip over on my runs

The midsole has the Nike react foam for extra cushioning and that spring effect we hear so much about

For the Geeks out there here are a few stats

Product Details

Weight 323g ( size 9 )

Drop 8mm

Straight out of the box I thought lets go for a straight up fast 10k, 

Maybe it’s the placebo effect of new shoes but I just missed out on a sub 50 mins in them by 6 seconds, and I ran my fastest 5k from the last 2 years

I have now done 30+ miles in them and so here is my initial review


Hard trail, grass, rock and gravel and these are ideal, they grip up hill, down and traverse, even in rain they find the grip, keeping you stable and sure footed

But lets puts some proper wet mud in the equation and you may as well kiss good bye to standing on your feet and get down on your hands and knees, the grip just vanishes, its there one min and gone the next and put a little hill in it too and well you will not only lose positions in a race but you will may well lose your patience with 2 steps forward and 3 backwards

Score 7/10


I hear a lot of people saying they feel like slippers when they put trainers on, well these don’t, but they do feel all soft and snug, I now know how a eucalyptus tree feels when a Koala bear gives it a hug, 

The toe box is roomy but the heel is held stable, I like the knit around the ankle and also the tab on the back of the shoe to help taking it off and putting it on

Score 9.5 /10


I was running through puddles and wet areas and it never felt like I was getting water in them, so I decided to go stand in a stream for a few mins. 

That did the trick- they where soaked and my feet was cold so out I jumped and a few strides and it felt like all the water had gone, so I did it again. Just check

When you walk / run in them it pushes the water out like pump, brilliant, and amazing to watch, I kept going back to do it again

Score 9.5/ 10


At present I can not score because I have not run far enough, but the uppers look well made, the sole is made from a fairly hard compound so no reason why that wont last either

Score ? /10

Final thoughts

When I posted a pic on instagram some one commented “Nike don’t do good trail shoes” I don’t know where they was getting this information from but I can honestly say they do,

Are these the best on the market? At the moment they are contenders, they excel on hard trail and I don’t think anything compares to the cushioning they offer, but word of warning don’t go mud running in them

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