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  • 02 Mar 2021
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Don’t you just hate it when the insoles on a perfectly good pair of running shoes disintegrate or are of use no longer

Usually I don’t do enough miles for this to happen but in 2021 I have increased my miles and after 300 miles in my Reebok zig kinetic this is exactly what happened

You could see the heel on the insole had just caved in – I was gutted as the shoes still have another 300 miles left in them

But as they say behind every grey cloud there is a silver lining, and the silver lining is you get to hear my thoughts on 2 brands of insoles – Sorbothane and Enertor

First up was the Enertor performance insoles and they vary in price from £21 to £30 dependent on size -

The Enertor insoles I purchased have a heel cup in them, so they move up the sides of the heel cupping it slightly and I liked this as my heel felt like it fitted and didn’t move, however it did lift up my heel slightly and felt like the drop on shoes increased although they do say it doesn’t change the drop, it defo felt like it

I have run over 100 miles in them and I have to say they do what it says on the Tin

I felt that it protected me from the hard roads I ran on and gave me both support and cushioning enhancing my shoes performance

Next up Sorbothane  full sole cushioning and they also vary in price from £9.99 to £29.99 dependent on size

I purchased the full length insoles that Sorbothane recommend for running

These are much flatter and thinner that the Enertor ones.

They also feel sticky underneath to grip the last of the shoe

My first 2 runs in them they felt ok, I didn’t feel like they gripped my heel and offered the same support of the Enertor ones but the cushioning was there

It was my 3rd run in them that the problems began – the sticky sole has lost its stickiness and so the insole started to move and slide around, 

I felt like every time I stepped forward the shoe moved, and it felt strange, now you might think my shoe is too big for them but they are the exact same size as the old insoles I took out of my shoes –

Cushioning wise I have to say they worked, and they worked really well,

So after trying them both I would recommend the Enertor insoles, they offer both offer cushioning but the Enertor ones offer much more support and comfort

the links above are the best prices I have found but do your
homework and look around as prices change daily

The above opinions are mine and i have not received any payment or coerced in any way to speak favourably about any brand or product

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