If you are reading this then you have taken the first step into targeting a specific audience for your products

Below we talk about advertising challenges and how we help you overcome these so that you have a better understanding of what we offer and how you can benefit


When marketing your products there are 6 main challenges 

  1. Reaching the right targeted audience.
  2. Allocating enough budget.
  3. Scalability.
  4. Competition.
  5. Relying on one marketing channel.
  6. Downplaying the power of emotions.


1. Reaching the right targeted audience.

The adage goes that advertising and marketing is about reaching the right audience, with the right message, at the right time.

Even if brands use retargeting and advanced audience funnel creation, they have to pay attention to user trends and where users can choose not to see advertising. Since new regulations have come in, people using social media and other online sites can decide to say 'no' to advertising, business results can be lower compared to those of previous months or last years.

How we overcome this challenge: While this could impact results on certain advertising campaigns, it doesn't with us, We can target specific types of athletes, Adult, youngsters, competitive or weekend warriors through our different media channels examples of these are the recent boom in Ice baths, we helped Ice Tub market their products to our fitness racing industry which resulted in over £7,000 in sales for them over a 2 month period 

2. Allocating enough budget.

Another challenge that you will face is allocating enough budget. Budget is usually a challenge in the marketing and advertising world of small to midsize companies, but this challenge can impact larger companies as well.

Advertising is not just an option anymore: brands have to allocate a budget for it. Depending on which channel the target uses, brands have to run campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google Ads, and so on. The organic reach will be lower in the following months. Don't forget that Facebook&Company are companies – I mean – they do business and monetize especially with ads, so their goals will be pushing brands to do ads. More and more.

How we overcome this challenge: We have an option that is available that means you do not have to part with any money until you see revenue. this is by becoming a collaborator with us, this is usually the best for small and medium size business. However, should this not suit you we are always happy to discuss a budget with you and give you as much value for money as possible

3. Scalability.

Of course, another advertising challenge that brands face is scalability. You'll need to run online campaigns that can grow with your company.

It's not just about creating a performing campaign. The issue is to make your campaigns scalable to grow the business efficiently. 

How we overcome this challenge: Brands have to work hard on creating content and hitting the right numbers, We do the creating for you, we look at your product and create a marketing add that id modern and functional, and this can be changed as often as you like 

4. Competition.

Online advertising is competitive. That competition makes it challenging for brands to reach the right audience in the right way.

Lewis Goldstein, the president of Blue Wind Marketing, says, "As more brands enter the online advertising space, the competition will become fiercer and fiercer."

How we overcome this challenge: We are loyal! This means we will never run your ad alongside an ad for a similar product, for instance we will never run an ad for a race alongside another race, and should your product be unique, (like we currently deal with an ice bath company) - whilst ever you are dealing with us we will never advertise another product like yours 

5. Relying on one marketing channel.

Advertising doesn't exactly feel like an option at this point. However, a lot of companies solely rely on one marketing channel.

With the outage that Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp experienced not so long ago, as well as the opt out of marketing rules, it's never been more clear that relying on one marketing channel - even if you've mastered it - is an unwise move. Keep in mind you're playing in their sandbox and have to play by their rules.

How to overcome this challenge: We have several marketing channels you can use, social media is one but written articles, as well as you tube and Podcasting are other options and just as  successful

6. Downplaying the power of emotions.

In recent years, we've seen a wave of nostalgic and emotional content playing a large role in the advertising industry. While you might think this is just a trend that's going away, think again.

Appealing to customers by using solely logic and forgetting the essential role emotion plays leaves a lot of money on the table. Ultimately people buy products and services because they feel like it's the right thing to do. Emotion has been scientifically proven to drive decision-making behavior. Bottom line, when properly executed, this leads to more and more conversions, sales, and revenue.

How to overcome this challenge: This is by far our more successful tool, by using our personal recommendations and our own referrals our loyal following trust us and believe us and understand that we will strive to get them products that we believe in, we have built up a network of trust with our audience.

What is or Market size

We have lots of Channels that we Promote on and the Size of each varies

Social media

UKOCR - Obstacle  Course Racing group on Facebook 17,000 members with 14,800 being active in the last 12 months

UKOCR Page on Face Book 3400 followers

UKOCR on Instagram 2135 followers

Fitness Racing on Instagram 8137 followers



UKOCR TV 280 Subscribers and growing daily

UKOCR Podcast Unique Downloads* per episode 200-500*

UKHXR Podcast Unique Downloads* episode 300 - 2,200* 

*figures above are correct as of 03/07/2024

* Figures for podcast are our lowest listens to our Highest listen rounded to the nearest 100, * Unique downloads are ones where teh episode has bene fully downloaded and may not include streaming episodes through 3rd parties like Spotify, Google, Amazon and Apple podcasts