Multi Day OCR's

Starting in OCR in 2012 after years of eating and drinking to excess I would have never thought I would run longer than 10k

But like many since covid, where all we got to do was run to kill the boredom,  I have focused on longer and longer events, 

My appetite for Ultra running has grown but there are not many Ultra OCR's out there.


In the UK over the years we have had a few Ultras, Rat Race dirty weekend and the double mucker , Dash of the Titan 12 hours, Nuclear Races Oblivion, Born Survivor Marathon, Europe's Toughest Mudder, Spartan Ultra series, Tough Mudder Infinity.

But apart from Overload Run farmyard jam non have given us the 24 hour event we ultra runners crave

We have watched as the only 24 hour real OCR ( sorry Overload Run) is held every year in the states

But this might not be the case if we could maybe get together and see if one of the UK's greatest events company put on a 24 hour race like they planned to do before covid hit us


Let me take you back to 2019 and Nuclear Races made a change to their Website and announced a new event - THE MELTDOWN


Starting on 20/06/2020 at noon and finishing 21/06/2020 at Noon

Solo or individuals, prizes for first man and first woman and at only £120 for a solo runner (£250 for teams) our dreams where about to come true - a true 24 hour OCR race on UK soil


But then in Feb 2020 the world changed, ( No - not the UKOCR podcast was launched) Covid struck the world and our lives where changed forever,  and what resulted in what would have been an amazing year for Ultra OCR running was abandon.


Would you like to see it return, I wonder if we could maybe persuade James and the Nuclear Races team to build the nuclear powerplant again and then let the meltdown begin


Head over to our Facebook page and vote if you would want to go CLICK HERE

About the author:

Alan Aka Muddy Duck

Founder of UKOCR, Winner of a Wolf Run and a Tight Yorkshireman



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Ruth Battersea
5 months ago

I love nuclear
The more time I can spend racing there makes me happy 😃👍