This week Overload Run had some breaking news, so we asked our editor and Overload Run Race director Alan to give us some more details.


When I started OCR back in the day there was always one OCR that I signed up for as soon as registration opened.

I’m talking about the Night Reaper!

There is just something about nighttime OCR and I have so many fond memories of doing it, back then I was just a little bit better than average and so I often found myself in front of the Pack just behind the top few runners, running alone! And at the Night reaper this was even more amazing as running in the dark with just a head torch, with all your senses heightened, eyes dashing left right, right, up and down for branches and Roots, Hearing your breathing and not much else other than the odd owl “Twittawoo” or as you approached an obstacle the shout of the volunteers cheering you in. all of this is what drew me into night running and OCR.

Since then I have tried to do as many night runs as possible but these days there is only one “Europe’s Toughest Mudder”, and I love this event, but its not for everyone, first it’s a Ultra / endurance race so it involves lots of training and preparation and not really suitable for the average weekend warrior athlete, Secondly the cost puts it well out of a lot of athletes price range,  I think I paid £170 for my first ETM ticket.


With this in mind I have always wanted to put on a nighttime OCR.

Is there still a market for it? will people turn up? will I lose my house on trying to put one on? All these thoughts have gone through my head plus a lot more.

But after putting on Overload Run for 7 years and then the Farmyard Jam for the last 3 years (which involves nighttime running) I thought that now is the time to try and bring back an affordable nighttime OCR, it will run alongside our other events and hopefully get some of you Athletes who have never experienced a nighttime OCR to give it a go

So, on 23rd August 2025 Overload Run will hold its first nighttime OCR,

Starting at 9:15pm Athletes will get to take on the Overload Run course which will include natural obstacles like the Bog, Mud pits and rolling countryside, but they will also get to take on lots of Man-Made obstacles, including the Rig, the water slide, Total submersions, Walls, A Frames oh and did we mention Mud?

You don’t need to have any special gear to do this, just a sense of Fun, a Head torch and not to be afraid of the dark

Oh, and the best bit is that prices start at only £40 for adults

Or if you are feeling brave buy a double header ticket, take on Overload in the day and then the night

Here’s the link to sign up


We are also looking for volunteers for the event – volunteers will also get free camping / Parking and either a free ticket for 2026 or run in the special volunteer wave that goes off at 11:15pm

Volunteer shift starts at 9 and finishes at approx. 10:45

Link to volunteer is here


or take on the ultimate test of endurance, fitness and mental stamina THE FARMYARD JAM