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ICE BATHING - What is it?

Starting at midnight!

Create your own route?

And only you decide where the finish line is!

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Puma Announce official partnership with Hyrox

HYROX Announces Exclusive Partnership with Factor as Official Meal Delivery Partner in the U.S.


Chef-Prepared, Dietitian-Approved Meals to Power HYROX Athletes in the U.S.

What is Hybrid Fitness?

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We are just resistant to change that doesn’t benefit us. So that’s where my opinion comes from, the Spartan changes announced for 2024 don’t benefit me, so I don’t like them

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At UKOCR we are passionate about Running in general, but Obstacle course Racing and Fitness Racing are what floats our boat.

Founded in 2013 by Alan AKA - Muddy Duck, it has evolved over the years from a simple blog run by just Alan to what you see today.

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