The Ice Tub - save cash

  • Product Review
  • 06 Apr 2023
  • Alan Moore

Having made my own several months ago i am hooked and so I have now plunged for a proper ice tub 

It cost me £78 including postage so not a bad price

I did do my home work and found one that i knew i would be happy with - a British company that supplied a lifetime guarantee 

I could rave about all the benefits i feel - refreshed, healthier, recovering quicker but you will read all that on the website

What I am going to say is that below is a code to get a 15% discount of already an 1/2 price ice tub at  Ice Tub:  icetub ( so this means it comes in at less than £70.00

Mine came within 5 days by courier, its easy to install just slide some rods into some holes, blow it up with the pump that comes with it and then fill it up and away you go, in total took me 10-15 mins, ( I have made slight alteration on mine by putting some retaining straps around the outside to ease the pressure on the stitching, and I have also sprayed it with waterproofing on the stitching as if it goes this is where they go ( like I say I have done a lot of research about them)

Code to use is ALAN54983

Any issues just hit me up at [email protected]

*In the interest of honesty, every time this code is used UKOCR get paid 10% of the price paid



Alan Moore

Alan Moore